CN Spotlight: Kansas State

In case you haven't had the chance to see much K-State football this season, here's our scouting report of what to watch for when the Wildcats invade Jack Trice Stadium.

KSU QB Allan Evridge vs. ISU front four

This redshirt has shown that he can play in the Big 12 with impressive numbers so far this season. His 53% completion ratio is decent with five touchdown and three picks. There are plenty of receivers that the Wildcats can throw to and all are capable of breaking one deep. Snyder loves to toss it deep as he learned from Hayden Fry to take advantage of field possession off turnovers when the other team is feeling down. Cyclone fans have seen Nick Leaders become what his last name says, a true team leader. Jason Berryman needs to be more under control during his heavy pass rushes and not overrun the quarterback. The Clone defense should apply heavy pressure to this young quarterback and force turnovers as the Wildcats have given up 21 on the year.


KSU linebackers vs. ISU Tight ends

The linebackers for Kansas State are very good and will be out to get Bret Meyer after what the Cyclones did to a worn down Wildcat defense last year. Walter Nickel and Ben Barkema will need to get to those linebackers and hit them hard. They must also not be afraid to get into the heart of the defense and catch a pass in traffic. Something both have done an excellent job at allowing the draw play to work with Hicks in the backfield. Look for the tight ends to play a key role in the Cyclone success which not many talk about their play but they will after Saturday.


KSU RB Thomas Clayton vs. ISU RB Stevie Hicks-

Now the Wildcats don't have Darren Sproles, who ran all over Cyclone defenders in the past, and Thomas Clayton is no Sproles. He is a good back with 450 yards this year and a 4.3/carry average. He was slowed by an injury earlier and his running isn't the only factor for success in the Wildcat offense, so let's keep it that way. Force the young quarterback to rely only on the passing game and the ISU secondary will get a few interceptions on the day.

Stevie Hicks needs to continue to improve as the Cyclones truly move the ball better with linebackers having to commit to the run first. Hicks will need another 125 yard output for the difference in the Cyclones winning by two scores or holding off the Wildcats in the end. Ball control and punishing running is a weapon Iowa State has provided a reason for its latest success.

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