ISU-KSU Post Game Reaction

Read selected post-game quotes from players and coaches as they react to Iowa State's 45-17 thrashing of Kansas State.

Iowa State Head Coach Dan McCarney:
"We want to keep a couple football players in our prayers. Tim Dobbins' grandmother passed away yesterday. She's been like a second mother to him; we rallied around him. He was out there with a heavy heart and Landon Schrage's grandfather passed away today."

"We challenged our kids. There were far too many penalties but we played hard and tough during the first half. I challenged the defense for three takeaways and we came away with three."

"I thought Bret Meyer was outstanding; (Stevie) Hicks outstanding; We came out on top of an outstanding program today; I have all the respect in the world for Bill Snyder, a future hall of famer."

"Curvey and Leaders are tough, physical, relentless. I wouldn't trade them. "They're blue-collar, a coaches' dream type football players. They never take a play off and what a joy to coach them."

On Blythe...
"I think he's playing with great confidence; He's got a red-hot quarterback throwing the ball and not putting the ball in much danger with no interceptions. He made a couple sensational catches today but he does it in practice all the time."

"There's consistency here but we have a lot to play for the last two remaining Saturdays and I'm not going to let one player or coach relax around here. We're going to celebrate within the next 24 hours and prepare for the team that's playing the best football in the Big 12 North; The foundation is very strong at Iowa State for the future. "

On Colorado...
"Very talented and playing at a very high level. They're a great football team that we went toe-to-toe with in Boulder It makes for a great opportunity for our seniors to play in their last home game. We hope for a great turnout."

Iowa State's Nick Leaders:
"Once we got up early in the game, they got off the rushing a little bit. We held pretty strong on defense today. To be bowl eligible is a great feeling; it's great to go south in the winter when it's about 30 degrees below zero here. Now every game we are playing for a possible Big 12 Championship and better bowl game."

Iowa State's Todd Blythe:
"The record 15 touchdowns feels good, but right now that just equals points and hopefully the points equal wins. That's what I look at now. Maybe after the season I will look at it a little differently. To be bowl eligible is a great feeling. We were in the hole with three losses in a row, and the way we've rallied shows what we're capable of. This win puts a lot of focus into the rest of the season."

Kansas State Head Coach Bill Snyder:
"We weren't very good and Iowa State was. I would hate to think this group of young guys would cash it in with two games left and a possible bowl trip left." They are disappointed obviously. I believe every young person in there (locker room) is going through tremendous disappointment."

On Coach McCarney...
"He has done absolutely an excellent job. He is not only an excellent football coach, which he has proven, but he is a great individual. He has a great group of coaches as well. He is a very competitive guy and he doesn't allow anyone to give in."

On getting back to 10 win seasons...
"You have to keep rowing the boat. I think there is a discipline of how you get to that type of play and we are lacking it."

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