Open Letter to Cyclone Nation

Goals Set, Goals Met

I want to explain something to both our subscribers and those that more casually view our website. I will except nothing less than excellence. Our goal at Cyclone Nation is to be the best site on the network, to produce the best publication in the network, and to provide unrivaled news, information and insights regarding Iowa State University athletics.

Part of that process is changing the culture surrounding our work and relationships. Part of that process is the constant pursuit of staffing and structural excellence. Know this: We will not settle for anything less!

In the past there was constant speculation about the inner workings of Cyclone Nation. There was the constant harping on Steve. The dynamics that existed were very conducive to a soap opera but were not the direction a business ought to move in. From day one we have labored to change that dynamic and are prevailing.

One can be good overnight but to be great takes patience.

To date here are some goals set and goals met.
Set: Increase the presence of Cyclones at Cyclone Nation.

Met: In the past few months we have added key staff with each new addition being an ISU graduate or diehard Cyclone fan committed to bringing you the best in Cyclone news, updates and features.

Set: Increase the content on our website.

Met: Cyclone Nation the website is producing more content now than ever before. Soon we will be averaging as many stories posted daily as was generated weekly by the previous staff.

Set: Diversify the content on our website and in our magazine.

Met: Cyclone Nation has taken a new approach toward Cyclone sports including prioritizing coverage of the Olympic sports. We also have introduced new items like our business features. Audio links are now available so you can not only read about what's happening with Cyclone sports but you can hear live interviews and press events on our website. We also plan to track your favorite Cyclones competing in the NFL and the NBA.

Set: Create a dedicated position covering recruiting news.

Met: We have recently added a former member of the ISU daily staff to serve as our Recruiting Coordinator. His early emphasis has been on major sport recruiting news but we will soon be expanding his duties to cover recruiting news in the Olympic sports, too.

Set: Expand our role in branding Central Iowa a Cyclone market.

Met: Through television, radio, the magazine, the internet and now a newsprint promotional product we are doing our part to reclaim Central Iowa from the Hawkeyes. You can see me on Cy-Hawk Talk: State of the Nations Thursdays at 8:30 p.m., Fridays at 5:30 p.m. and Saturdays at 10:00 a.m. on mediacom channel 22 in Central Iowa and WHO TV 13 weekly. I'm also on Deace in the Afternoon every Monday at 5:00 p.m. on 1460 AM.

Set: Redefine the relationship between Cyclone Nation and the Cyclone community.

Met: More mutually supportive relationships are being established between Cyclone Nation and groups like the Letterman's Club. This is important because we play a key role in promoting the Cyclones and having that love returned to us helps us do a better job. We also have a more ongoing presence at Cyclone outings and functions. Through these increased contacts mutual respect and understanding is being encouraged and promoted.

Set: Create a more positive web environment.

Met: So many message boards and web environments are dominated by the angry few. At Cyclone Nation our top priority is to create an environment where you and your kids can discuss the Cyclones in a mutually supportive and enriching environment. The bitter few have been banned or removed from our website and now conversations focus on the Cyclones and Cyclone related issues.

Set: Outreach to the Cyclone community.

Met: We have aggressively reached out to the Cyclone community in many ways from our magazine survey to attending Cyclone functions.

Future Goals: There are a number of goals we have set inhouse ranging from improving content to improving subscription numbers. As these goals unfold and are met we will continue to report on them. We also want to hear from you. What would you like to see in the magazine and on the website.

One future goal I will share is that we hope to make these more companion pieces. We want to use the website to give you a non-stop stream of Cyclone news you can't find anywhere else. At that point we want the magazine to become the kind of outstanding feature driven product that puts a face on the wonderful people that comprise the ISU athletic department from the student athletes to the coaches to the behind the scene folk you never hear about.

Remember, this is your link to the Cyclones!

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