The Future at Linebacker for Iowa State

Iowa State will lose three starters at linebacker after this season but have already recieved three committs at that position this year. Here's a look at what could happen when Dobbins, Buchanan and Robertson leave this year.

The future at the linebacker position looks pretty bright. Sure, you're losing some great linebackers in Dobbins and Buchanan, but the world isn't coming to an end. There are guys backing up these guys that are more than qualified to step up and hit somebody.

The hardest of these guys to replace will obviously be last years Big 12 Newcomer of the Year Tim Dobbins at MLB. He would be a tough guy for anybody to replace but it can be done and I'm sure that the coaches are already thinking about it. Obvously, Tyrone McKenzie is a candidate for that position. We know for sure that Adam Carper and Alvin Bowen are stout defenders that will make an immediate impact next year. Nick Frere will get a lot of playing time and he could be a guy looked for to move around a little bit.

Now onto the linebackers in this years recruiting class. Keep in mind that Iowa State only signed two linebackers to last years recruiting class so they will be looking for a lot at that position this year. As of now the Cyclones have four different linebacker commits, and I believe they might get a few more. Kris Means, James Collins, Austin Alburtis, and John Richardson have all committed to Iowa State. Collins would be the best bet to come in and replace Dobbins at some point in time, though I would bank on him red-shirting. Means has some pretty good speed and that is always a plus in the Big 12. I believe that it will be a dead heat between all of these guys when they get here and all will have the shot to play linebacker at Iowa State.

Now onto whom Iowa State still might bring in. If they can I'm sure Iowa State will be drooling over Derrick Odom and Tommy Becker. These guys are both great prospects to play linebacker at the next level. Odom possess some great speed and Becker is an outstanding tackler. I also wouldn't be surprised to see a JUCO linebacker be brought in to try and help fill the loss of Dobbins.

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