Keys to Victory: Colorado

What will it take for Iowa State to get its first home win over Colorado since 1983? Our keys to victory lays out three things that we believe will determine the winner on Saturday.

Be mentally in the game- Last week's penalties will cost the Cyclones a victory this week if that gets repeated. Playing a mistake free or limited mistake game will be huge for the Cyclones. Colorado averages nine penalties per game where the Cyclones now average a little over five, up from four a couple games ago. Avoiding false starts in the red zone will be key as the Cyclones will need touchdowns and not just trade field goal attempts because they will not win that game with Mason Crosby for the Buffaloes. Sustaining drives and not allowing QB Joel Klatt or for that matter, Crosby, off the field will be about the most important objective.


Run Stevie Run- With the resurgence of Stevie Hicks, Iowa State will need another huge game from him, as he does seem to be getting stronger as the season goes on. Another buck fifty from Stevie will allow Bret Meyer to hit Todd Blythe on a long pass as the defense will have to watch for Hicks to break one. I think the most important run he had all season was his last touchdown against the Wildcats because it showed everyone that late in the game he could break one for fifty yards. It would be nice to see the Cyclones have a threat of 70 yards like A&M's Lewis. Hey what ever happened to the reverse with Jon Davis?


Jon Davis and RJ Sumrall- 8.4 that is what Jon Davis is averaging per catch and for such a deep threat of last year that simply does not cut it. Too many 5 yard down & outs for this veteran. I want JD to have a huge game, to show that we do have about the best receivers in the nation. I really think that getting him in the game early with a reverse is needed. He likes to run, the problem is he hears footsteps when going over the middle unless he's running free down the middle beyond the safeties. Sumrall doesn't necessary have to big huge in receiving but on the punt returning he does need to step it up. Last week he let one go over his head and roll another 15 yards inside the five. The old saying goes, if you can fair catch it at the ten, it's better than allowing it to roll to the one. I've felt that he is going to break one and he will, hopefully without penalties. His better returns have been called back because of mistakes. Time for memories of JJ Moses and James "the Eel" McMillion. RUN ONE BACK!!

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