Iowa State Beats Bemidji State 84-77

The Cyclones got thier first win of the season tonight as they beat Bemidji State by a score of 84-77.

All in all it was a nice outcome tonight for the Cyclones. Although I would have liked to have seen Iowa State win by at least 20, there were a lot of positives to take away from tonight's game. The biggest one that I saw was that the Cyclones were finally starting to look like a team tonight. The passing was much better and they just looked a lot more comfortable on the court. It was obvious to me that his crowd is in football form and ready to take on Colorado. The following are the notes I took tonight at Iowa State's final exhibition game against Bemidji State.



*Hilton was a lot more electric than the last game against the EA Sports All-Stars. I think this crowd is still in football mode and they're primed for Saturday night but it was nice to have a nice atmosphere. Cyclone Alley was actually doing chants in the first half so that's always a good sign considering it's an exhibition.


*Bemidji State impressed me with the passion that these guys played with. Their bench was louder than Hilton at some points in the game. Their coach was extremely vocal the entire game and the players really fed off of that.


*Will Blalock gets quicker every time I see him play. Will had 20 points tonight.


*Rahshon Clark is like a man possessed on the offensive boards. Iowa State is going to need that type of effort all year from him if they want to compete for a Big 12 Championship. It seems like every offensive possession tonight, Clark was there with his 100 inch vertical. I think that Clark has the potential to be one of the most electric and popular players in Cyclone history. Rahshon had 23 points tonight. Clark also led the Cyclones with five rebounds.  


*It looks to me like Jon Neal has his confidence back this year. He just looks like a different player to me this year. I think he's going to have a nice little season for the Clones and they're going to need him to step up. He played some nice defense and stepped up and took a charge in the first half.


*Early in the first half, Coach Morgan called on Jiri Hubalek to come into the game. Hubalek took off his warm-up and revealed that he didn't have his jersey on. Hubalek ran back into the locker room, got his jersey and Hilton went crazy when he came back. This will go down as one of the best bloopers of the year. Jiri has shown the ability to hit down a mid-range jumper. He's going to be a nice fit for Iowa State this year. He has a great eye for the ball.


*Nothing is funnier than when Cyclone Alley does the left, right thing, when the opposing team has a player that fouls out. I think the entire crowd is participating this year. If it was this loud in an exhibition, think about what it will be like when a Hawkeye fouls out.


*It looked to me like Curtis Stinson really got his legs under him in the second half. He was playing with a lot more energy and control than he did in the first half. Curtis had some great assists in the second half and that's a great sign. He's really taking on the leadership role nicely. Curtis ended up with 14 points.


*I was really happy with how spread out the scoring was for the Clones tonight. Four players in double figures is always a nice stat to have.


*Tasheed Carr is one of the most emotional players I've ever seen. I love it! In the second half, he got called for a touch foul and it sounded like he was doing the good ole Ric Flair, "Whooooooo!." Tasheed ended up with 12 points tonight.


Other notable statistics:

*Marsden had four points and four rebounds.

*Jessan Gray had four points and a rebound.


Look at later on for a complete story and stats from the game tonight.

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