Johnson Commits to ISU on Visit Saturday

Bailey Johnson is excited about committing to Iowa State. Johnson got a chance to meet a lot of players over the weekend and got along really well with the roster and the coaching staff. Johnson is now looking forward to enjoying the rest of his high school career.

Bailey Johnson was one of the many people running from the tornadoes in central Iowa this weekend, but he sure wasn't running from Iowa State. Johnson, a 6'3, 240 pound defensive end out of Flossmore, IL committed to Iowa State during his official visit the past Saturday.


"It was the point when I got done talking to Coach Mac. I got a good chance to really ask some questions that I wanted answered. He told us some other stuff about the situation and what he expected from me if I did commit. When I committed it was a great feeling because he got really excited. When he told the other coaches they got excited as well," said Johnson.


Johnson said that a major factor in his decision was the fact that he got to know and got along with so many of the current Iowa State players so well. He even went on to say that he was not planning on committing this weekend to Iowa State, but the feeling was just to right.


"When I first got up there, I got a chance to hang out with the team. I got to eat dinner with them and then we went to the movies. I really got a good feeling with the players. I wasn't going there to commit. I was going there to see how the school was and to see how much I liked it. I ended up having a really good time and got a good chance to talk to the coaches. I really enjoyed what I heard; I really got a great feeling from them," said Johnson.


Another thing that Johnson liked about Iowa State, was the fact that there will be a lot of room for underclassmen to come in and make some noise on the defensive end of the ball next season. Iowa State is graduating a large load on that side of the ball and a whole slug of youngsters will be fighting for playing time.


"It's really exciting. That's a big reason why I committed because they told me that my chances of starting as a freshman are really high. If I come in there and put on some weight. I need to really work hard in the off season," said Johnson.


Johnson also commented on the freak severe weather that he and all of the other fans in attendance experienced prior to game time at Jack Trice Stadium on Saturday.

"It was crazy because we were all in the upstairs area and they had to move us all downstairs. They told us that a tornado touched down. I'll never forget that one," said Johnson.


Once all of the off the field action was over, Johnson then attended the game where Iowa State defeated Colorado by a score of 30-16 and was extremely impressed, especially with the stellar performance of the Iowa State defense.


"It was a great win. The defense really stepped up. I think that's what really won the game for them. The defense kept them in the game," said Johnson.


Not only was Bailey impressed with the play of the Cyclones on the field, he was extremely impressed with the performance of the 50,000 Cyclones off of the field.


"It was great. The crowd was always in the game. It never got quiet, it was just loud. I think that's what keeps the players pumped up too. It was a great atmosphere," said Johnson.


Johnson is happy with his commitment for numerous reasons, but he's especially excited not to have the pressure of the recruiting process on his shoulders for the rest of his high school career. Johnson said that he's been on cloud nine since the commitment, and his friends, family and all of his teachers at school are especially happy for him in this exciting time of his life. Johnson is currently getting started with the senior year of his high school basketball career where he believes that his team has a chance to make some noise.


Johnson also went on to add that he plans on buying a lot of Cyclone gear for his family during the upcoming Holiday season.





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