ISU Wrestlers Claim Four Titles

Nate Gallick (141), Jason Knipp (149), Trent Paulson (157) and Travis Paulson (165) claimed titles at the annual Harold Nichols/Cyclone Open Saturday at Iowa Central Community College in Fort Dodge.

Nate Gallick (141), Jason Knipp (149), Trent Paulson (157) and Travis Paulson (165) claimed titles at the annual Harold Nichols/Cyclone Open Saturday at Iowa Central Community College in Fort Dodge. Trent captured his third career title while Gallick, Knipp and Travis Pauslon claimed their first. The seventh-ranked Cyclones (3-0, 0-0) defeated Utah Valley State, 33-9, Friday afternoon in their home opener.

"This tournament gets better all the time. If you look at the scores of the matches, there are a lot of matches that are pretty close," head coach Bobby Douglas said. "We lost some matches on mistakes, but it is the time to make the mistakes. Overall, we wrestled exceptionally well."

Trent Paulson, who captured titles in 2004 and 2005 at 157 pounds and a crown in 2002 at 149 pounds, topped Jonathan Reader of Sunkist Kids, 10-6. Paulson, ranked fourth in the nation, improved his season record to 7-0.

Travis met Nick Baima of UNI in the 165 pound finals, winning by a 3-1 decision. At 149 pounds, Knipp cruised to the title outscoring his four opponents, 31-8. Knipp is 6-0 on the season. Gallick, a two-time All-American, ripped through the 141 pound bracket and topped Wartburg's top-ranked defending NCAA Div. III champion Dusty Hinchberger, who garnered his 100th career win earlier in the tournament.

Amateur Wrestling News high school All-Americans Nick Fanthorpe, Nick Gallick, Mitch Mueller and David Zabriskie saw their first action in their Cyclone careers wrestling unattached. Mueller finished third at 141 pounds, while Fanthorpe and Gallick placed fourth at 125 and 133 pounds. The freshmen foursome all scored bonus points in their first collegiate match. Fanthorpe registered a technical fall in 3:35, Mueller and Zabriskie scored major decisions and Gallick had a pin in 0:59. Zabriskie was lodged in a heavyweight class that included two-time Div. III national champion Ryan Allen from Wisconsin-La Crosse and top-ranked Div. II national champion Les Sigman of Nebraska-Omaha.

Sophomores Ben Hanisch (125) and David Bertolino (174) registered third and fourth place finishes. Mike Somsky scored a fall in 0:46 in his opening match at 165 pounds.

Top-ranked defending NCAA Div. II champion Nebraska-Omaha had three champions and Utah Valley State, Nebraska and Wisconsin-La Crosse each had one. Third-ranked Div. III Wartburg had four runner-ups.

Iowa State will be hosting in-state rival Iowa, Dec. 2 at Hilton Coliseum to continue the 2005-06 Hy-Vee Cy-Hawk series. The Cyclones are seeking their third straight victory over the Hawkeyes.

Full Results
125 pounds
Ben Hanisch (ISU) dec. Pretto (UNI), 4-1
Ben Hanisch (ISU) dec. Hoffman (IC), 2-0
Talon Vickers (UVSC) dec. Ben Hanisch (ISU), 2-1
Ben Hanisch (ISU) dec. Baier (NU), 9-6
Ben Hanisch (ISU) inj. def. Nick Fanthorpe (ISU)

Nick Fanthorpe (ISU) tech. fall Reedy (Wartburg), 16-1 (3:35)
Nick Fanthorpe (ISU) dec. Haynes (Ellsworth), 5-4
Garcia (UNO) dec. Nick Fanthorpe (ISU), 3-2
Nick Fanthorpe (ISU) dec. Reedy (Wartburg), 10-4
Ben Hanisch (ISU) inj. def. Nick Fanthorpe (ISU)

133 pounds
Mario Valdez (Iowa Central) dec. Laramie Shaffer (ISU), 4-3
Laramie Shaffer (ISU) dec. Tyler Bjustrom (ISU), 5-4
Laramie Shaffer (ISU) dec. Pirner (South Dakota St.), 3-0
Kyle Anson (UNI) maj. dec. Laramie Shaffer (ISU), 18-6

Tyler Bjustrom (ISU) maj. dec. Atwell (Iowa Central)
Laramie Shaffer (ISU) dec. Tyler Bjustrom (ISU), 5-4

Nick Gallick (ISU) pinned Grant (Iowa Central), 0:59
Nick Gallick (ISU) def. Chris Helgeson (UNI)
Rowe (NU) dec. Nick Gallick (ISU), 5-2 OT
Nick Gallick (ISU) dec. Kyle Anson (UNI), 12-6
Chris Helgeson (UNI) dec. Nick Gallick (ISU), 3-1 OT

Jesse Sundell (ISU) pinned Harris (Wartburg), 3:57
Rowe (NU) dec. Jesse Sundell (ISU), 6-3
Hulegard (Buena Vista) dec. Jesse Sundell (ISU), 11-5

141 pounds
Nate Gallick (ISU) pinned Sillman (Buena Vista), 2:45
Nate Gallick (ISU) maj. dec. Kulseth (South Dakota St.), 16-6
Nate Gallick (ISU) dec. Robbins (UNI), 9-2
Nate Gallick (ISU) dec. Osgood (UNI), 9-3
Nate Gallick (ISU) dec. Dusty Hinchberger (Wartburg), 2-1

Osgood (UNI) dec. Joey DeMarie (ISU), 5-2
Wiens (NU) dec. Joey DeMarie (ISU), 6-4

Mitch Mueller (ISU) maj. dec. Pratt (Buena Vista), 12-4
Mitch Mueller (ISU) dec. Alt (UNO), 7-4
Charlie Ettelson (UNI) dec. Mitch Mueller (ISU), 6-4
Mitch Mueller (ISU) dec. Briblesca (UNO), 6-2
Mitch Mueller (ISU) dec. Romano (NU), 3-1
Mitch Mueller (ISU) dec. Osgood (UNI), 6-3
Mitch Mueller (ISU) def. Charlie Ettelson (UNI)

Dusty Hinchberger (Wartburg) tech. fall Erik Johansen (ISU), 15-0
Kulseth (South Dakota St.) dec. Erik Johansen (ISU), 7-1

149 pounds
Jason Knipp (ISU) maj. dec. Cook (Buena Vista), 16-5
Jason Knipp (ISU) dec. C.J. Ettelson (UNI), 6-0
Jason Knipp (ISU) dec. Shane Unger (UNO), 7-2
Jason Knipp (ISU) dec. Anderson (ECC), 2-1

Aron Scott (ISU) pinned Seppett (UWL), 4:03
Aron Scott (ISU) dec. Goetsch (UNI), 9-6
Forness (Buena Vista) dec. Aron Scott (ISU), 3-1 OT
Swofford (UNI) inj. def. Aron Scott (ISU)

Mekeel (IC) pinned John Gonzalez (ISU), 2:54
George (Ellsworth) maj. dec. John Gonzalez (ISU), 16-7

157 pounds
Trent Paulson (ISU) tech. fall Andrew Dorn (UWL), 17-2
Trent Paulson (ISU) pinned Cooper (Wartburg), 1:31
Trent Paulson (ISU) dec. Ross Needham (UWL), 5-1
Trent Paulson (ISU) dec. Jon Reader (Sunkist Kids), 10-6

Dane Kuper (ISU) maj. dec. Fiala (ISU), 12-2
Noel (Ellsworth) pinned Dane Kuper (ISU), 1:30
Dane Kuper (ISU) dec. Gray (William Penn), 9-6
Dane Kuper (ISU) dec. Tanner Cowan (UVSC), 5-2
Patrick Allibone (UNO) pinned Dane Kuper (ISU), 4:19

165 pounds
Travis Paulson (ISU) tech. fall Kramer (ECC), 17-2
Travis Paulson (ISU) maj. dec. Everson (South Dakota St.), 13-5
Travis Paulson (ISU) dec. Taplin (UNO), 5-4
Travis Paulson (ISU) dec. Nick Baima (UNI), 3-1

Mike Somsky (ISU) pinned Powers (Iowa Central), 0:46
Taplin (UNO) pinned Mike Somsky (ISU), 4:17
Mike Somsky (ISU) dec. Winkleman (Buena Vista), 8-3
Mike Somsky (ISU) dec. Meyer (South Dakota St.), 6-2
Mike Somsky (ISU) dec. Joseph (Ellsworth), 3-2
Palmer (UWL) dec. Mike Somsky (ISU), 4-2

Jake Naig (UNO) pinned Dallas Kuper (ISU), 5:02
Dallas Kuper (ISU) dec. Power (Iowa Central), 7-2
Dallas Kuper (ISU) dec. Mark South (UVSC), 8-3
Dallas Kuper (ISU) inj. def. Everson (South Dakota St.)
Dallas Kuper (ISU) dec. Reiner (UNI), 7-2
Jake Naig (UNO) maj. dec. Dallas Kuper (ISU), 10-1

Sam Yoder (ISU) dec. Riniker (ECC), 4-3
Sam Yoder (ISU) maj. dec. Rieth (UWL), 17-6
Sam Yoder (ISU) maj. dec. Trove (Iowa Central), 15-1
Reiner (UNI) dec. Sam Yoder (ISU), 10-6

174 pounds
Brown (NU) dec. David Frazier (ISU), 12-5
Brester (NU) pinned David Frazier (ISU), 1:05

David Bertolino (ISU) maj. dec. Moran (South Dakota St.), 9-0
David Bertolino (ISU) dec. Zabel (UWL), 10-6
Brown (NU) dec. David Bertolino (ISU), 3-1
David Bertolino (ISU) dec. Brester (NU), 8-1
Kauffman (Wartburg) dec. David Bertolino (ISU), 3-2

Jonathon Gapinski (ISU) dec. Gottschalk (South Dakota St.), 7-2
Josh Chelf (UWL) dec. Jonathon Gapinski (ISU), 6-0
Brester (NU) dec. Jonathon Gapinski (ISU), 6-0

197 pounds
Jones (Iowa Central) dec. Joe Curran (ISU), 7-2
Moore (UWL) dec. Joe Curran (ISU), 10-7

David Zabriskie (ISU) maj. dec. Hutchinson (Ellsworth), 13-3
Les Sigman (UNO) dec. David Zabriskie (ISU), 11-4
David Zabriskie (ISU) inj. def. McCoy (Iowa Central)
David Zabriskie (ISU) dec. Strippling (South Dakota St.), 3-1
Ryan Allen (UWL) pinned David Zabriskie (ISU), 0:48

Zimmerly (UNI) dec. Richard Schopf (ISU), 5-2
Richard Schopf (ISU) def. Ruh (UWL)
Strippling (South Dakota St.) pinned Richard Schopf (ISU), 0:23

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