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Check out these little known facts about Iowa State football

Iowa State Facts

Iowa State is 7-1 over the last two years when the defense or special teams (returns) score in the game.


Northern Illinois, W, 48-41     Moser 30 interception return for TD
                                L. Hicks 0 blocked punt return
                                Robertson 20 interception return for TD

Colorado, L, 14-19              Hobbs 34 interception return for TD

Baylor, W, 26-25                Curvey 65 fumble return for TD

Kansas W, 13-7          Curvey 30 fumble return for TD

Kansas State, W, 37-23  L Hicks 40 interception return for TD


Illinois State, W, 32-21                Blocked punt for safety

Iowa, W, 23-3                   L. Hicks 28 interception return for TD

Colorado, W, 30-16              Paris 66 fumble return for TD
                                Curvey 66 interception return for TD

Since 2000, ISU is 14-3 in games where defense or special teams score...and 7-1 over the last two seasons.

2000: 3-1
UNLV - Lane Danielsen recovered blk punt in end zone
NEB - Jamarcus Powers INT
MIZ - Marc Timmons INT
PITT - JaMaine Billups punt return

2001: 1-0
KAN - Matt Word INT

2002: 3-0
TN TECH - Todd Miller punt return; Steve Paris INT
IOWA - Safety (tackle by Jeremy Loyd and Jordan Carstens)
TROY ST - Andy Kohler blocked punt return; Todd Miller punt return

2003: 0-1
OKLA - JaMaine Billups INT

2004: 4-1
N. ILL - Nik Moser INT; LaMarcus Hicks recovered blk punt in end zone; Matt Robertson INT
COLO - Ellis Hobbs INT
BAY - Brent Curvey fumble return
KAN - Brent Curvey fumble return
KSU - LaMarcus Hicks INT

2005: 3-0
ILL ST - Safety on blocked punt
IOWA - LaMarcus Hicks INT
COLO - Steve Paris fumble return; Brent Curvey INT

Iowa State has gone four games without throwing away an interception, FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE THE BIG SIX CONFERENCE WAS FORMED IN 1928.

We've gone 19 1/2 quarters since Bret Meyer threw our last pick at Missouri.

Note: Meyer has thrown 132 straight passes without in interception....

the school record is 141 by our guy Todd Bandhauer in 1997.

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