Mosman is Ready to Arrive at ISU

Shellie Mosman committed to Iowa State in 8th grade. Now she's a senior at Carroll High, and is ready to compete for the Cyclones next season.

Most middle school girls are busy chewing bubble gum and gossiping about which boys they think are cute in gym class. Not Shellie Mosman. When Shellie Mosman was in 8th grade, she committed to play basketball at Iowa State.


"It was a relief for me. Knowing where you're going takes a lot of pressure away from making college decisions. It's made it more fun going to games and knowing that I am going to be a part of that someday. For me it was a really good situation," said Mosman.


Mosman is a 5'10 guard out of Carroll, Iowa who averaged 18.4 points, 8.5 rebounds, and 5.4 assists as a junior in high school. Even though she committed to Iowa State in 8th grade, Mosman admits that other schools had tried to contact her about playing for them in college. They tried, but Mosman never blinked because she always knew that deep down she wanted to be a Cyclone.


"I got a few letters still and a couple of phone calls. Inside the state everybody pretty much knew that I had made a decision. State's farther away didn't really know yet. I just told them that I was going there (ISU) and they didn't really try and push me to change my mind," said Mosman.


There are numerous reasons as to why Iowa State and Mosman were the perfect fit. One for instance is the hour drive between Ames and Mosman's hometown of Carroll.


"I have been a Cyclone fan since I was little. It was a combination of a lot of things. It's really close to home and I really like it when my family is at that games. That was very important to me," said Mosman.


Mosman, like all of the other women's basketball recruits also said that Coach Bill Fennelly was a huge factor in her playing her college ball at Iowa State.


"Coach Fennelly has completely turned that program around. He's such a great coach and I know that there's not any other coach that I want to play for,' she said. "The people are great over there. He wouldn't recruit anybody that isn't a great person. The fan support was a big factor for me also."


Another big advantage that Mosman has experience by committing so early is the fact that she's so familiar with all of the team's players and coaches.


"It was really weird because the girls that are seniors this year, I knew three years ago when they were freshman," said Mosman.


Mosman said that she's kept in touch well with Fennelly and his staff over her high school years by e-mailing consistently and she's attended a ton of Iowa State's game. The Iowa State coaching staff returned the favor often and has taken in a lot of her high school games as well.


Carroll High is going to be an extremely young basketball team this season as Mosman is their only returning starter.


"I think we have a lot of potential. I'm excited. It's going to make things really interesting. I'm looking forward to it," said Mosman.


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