Tommy Becker to Visit ISU on Dec. 2

Tommy Becker has been impressed by Iowa State's recent winning streak and is going to visit in the coming week. Iowa State is one of four teams that have a shot at Becker.

Iowa State is still very much alive in the hunt for Tommy Becker. In fact, Becker has set up a visit to Iowa State during the weekend of Dec. 2. There are currently four schools in the hunt for Becker. That list consists of Oklahoma, Minnesota, Northwestern and Iowa State. Oklahoma still hasn't offered the linebacker out of Minnesota, but numerous reports by Scout insist that Oklahoma is very interested in offering Becker.


There is some encouraging news for Iowa State on the Becker front. Becker talked about how impressed he was by the current Iowa State winning streak and even said Iowa State is much more appealing now because of the winning streak.


Right now Becker plans on visiting all four of the schools that he's narrowed it down to.


"I'm going to take it as it rolls. I'm going to take all of my visits that I have set up now and then I'm going to make a decision after that," said Becker.


Becker also talked about how there's been a lot of conversation among him and the Iowa State coaches in the past few weeks. Becker has also been watching numerous Iowa State games when they're on television.


Becker is currently focused on playing in the state championship game coming up as his high school team is having a great season. Becker caught two touchdown passes in the state semi-finals.



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