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CN staff writer Mark Hersom thinks these players will make an impact when ISU takes on Kansas

QB Kansas -Jason Swanson vs. ISU's entire defense

Just like Stevie Hicks has provided life for the Cyclones, Swanson has done so for Kansas. With him in the game they have beaten Nebraska and Missouri but without him they lost to Kansas State and struggled in their cupcake early schedule. Steve Paris, Nik Moser, Cephus Johnson, Nick Leaders, Tim Dobbins, Jamar Buchanan, LaMarcus Hicks are all Seniors and will surely be missed but have created something special at Iowa State that as far as history goes, this defense could have the best rushing and scoring statistics for any Cyclone team. These players have overcome adversity two years ago, and the downturn season of three years ago and want to show not only fans, but their teammates and former Cyclones that they can be talked about over the water cooler as being one of the best defensives in Iowa State history. That is something to be proud of and John Skladany sure has done a great job in helping that cause.


Stevie Hicks vs. Kansas defensive line

The Jayhawks are losing lots on the defensive side of the ball, as linemen Tim Allen, Jermial Ashley, Charlton Keith and James McClinton are very strong and experienced. Linebackers Banks Floodman, Kevin Kane and Nick Reid are all three-year lettermen and have very good size for that position with them all being over 6'1" and weighing 230lbs.


Stevie may not make 100 yards, hell he probably won't get 70 yards but we will need him to make the linebackers come up so Meyer will be able to see the field and hit Blythe and Davis on deep balls. What a way to end the season, going up against the toughest defense of the year. This is KU's bowl game and much like last year against them, it will be low scoring.


RJ Sumrall vs. Charles Gordon-

There is going to be a special teams return in this game and let's hope RJ will not have any fear of catching the ball on punts like he's shown the last couple games. Great punt returners like Gordon are fearless. They know that if they cleanly catch the ball, that their confidence will allow them to see the field and break the first tackler most of the time and it's down the sidelines and into the end zone. The Cyclone punt team has not been near as good as the kick return team this year.


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