Keys to Victory: Kansas

What will it take for Iowa State to finish with 5 straight wins and give themselves a shot at the Holiday or Alamo Bowls? Our keys to victory lays out three things that we believe will determine the winner on Saturday.

Line blocking - The offensive line will really have their work cut out for them as they are going up against the best defensive line they will have faced all year. The Jayhawks are not just big, they are experienced with three Seniors up front and three Senior linebackers that play and start. ISU's offensive line has shown improvement in their blocking but the biggest fall off is the penalties at costly times. If the Cyclones are to win this game it will come with an offensive line that wants to prove that it is a quality group.


Contain Gordon- Charles Gordon the 5'11" Jr. playmaker on both sides of the ball may be playing his last game with all of these defensive Seniors going to be gone next year. Gordon might get drafted higher than all of them. The Cyclones can get beat by one man; this electric player can score by running punts, interceptions and taking a screen pass to the house. Containment of him like last year will be key, as most in the crowd will be expecting him to make some sort of instant scoring play and keeping the crowd or for that matter his teammates out of the game will be huge. Knowing the Jayhawks have a lot to play for should help Iowa State.  Unlike last year with Missouri, the Cyclones knew they were going nowhere and most likely thought the Tigers were not going to care about the game as much as they did. With Kansas needing this victory to continue their season should be motivation for the Cyclones to play like they have the last four games.


Pressure on QB Jason Swanson for KU-  Ever since Swanson has come back for the Jayhawks, the offense has steadily improved every week. He is a Senior and will make the most of possibly his last game. Berryman, Leaders, Curvey, Johnson, and Moorehead need to continue to force the O-line back into the backfield and not let Swanson have time to look around. The Cyclones got a lot of pressure on Joel Klatt the last game and it showed as Brent Curvey's interception was clearly one created by the pressure he felt all night long. Keep up that same intensity and the Cyclones will at least finish second in the North and their best record since 2000.

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