CY'D notes from Victory over the UNI Panthers

More on Iowa State's 68-61 win over Northern Iowa

With :29 seconds left before half, play was stopped and ISU forward Rahshon Clark was down on the court, flat on his face. He did get up but the floor won that battle as he was not the same coming out after halftime as in warm-ups he was really favoring his shooting hand, the right wrist was taped. He grimaced as he took a couple shots to loosen it up but you could tell, the Hilton crowd wasn't going to see any monster dunks from Clark in the second half and he only came in for about a minute and just couldn't go.


That was the bad news; the good news was that thanks to Clark's highlight film dunk in the first half and Anthony Davis's jumper with 8:57 to go, the Cyclones got the lead and never let it slip away. Davis and Clark lead the Cyclone charge from the 10:05-8:57 mark as ISU went on a 12-0 run that sent the Hilton crowd in frenzy and the defense set the tone for the rest of the game.


A Train(aka) Anthony Davis was huge tonight for the Cyclones as he finished hitting three 3's in the game and none larger than to put ISU up 66-55 with 3:25 left in the game and that was after he was called about a minute earlier for an offensive foul that was questionable.


Tasheed Carr played his best game of the season as he showed patience and poise in handling the ball and looking for the open jumper rather than forcing some shots as he has done in the previous games. His outside presence along with Davis will be the main factor in allowing Taggart some room in the middle. Carr also was 4-5 from the free throw line that he converted on an old fashion three point play with 5:20 to play which was a result of Curtis Stinson's steal.


Shutting down Erik Crawford - What a job the defense did on Crawford, not allowing him to get any rhythm and being able to regain his stroke which he has lost so far this year. Right now for the Panthers it's a two man show as starting point guard Brooks McKowen did not score. Senior backup John Little played much better than McKowen and I wouldn't be surprised if he gets to start their next game.


Is Jiri going to be another Homan, Edwards, Shirley or Michalik? Late in the second half Jiri Hubalek got called for a couple questionable fouls, one on a block attempt and another on the defensive end. I guess the refs need a new tall, nice, hard working Cyclone player to pick on, and this year it looks to be Jiri. Hey Jiri, keep up the good work. I see improvement every game from him and a lot since I saw him last year while at Marshalltown Community College. As Wayne Morgan said in his post game, when Jiri and Shawn understand this defense, watch out, we'll be good and coach knows what he's talking about.


Speaking about the refs, all in all it was a pretty clean game but this new point of emphasis on carrying the ball was a vendetta against Curtis as he was not only called for it once, but twice and that was the only time it was called in the entire game….by the same referee. Does something stink or what?


I was thankful that Coach McDermott and Wayne Morgan shook hands. I wouldn't want any bad blood between these two programs. Oh, that's right I heard the play by play announcer on Deace's show say UNI should win this game and the football team was to have won last year too. Hmmm, guess again Panther fans.


By the way, while I'm thinking about football, can anyone tell me a good reason to play UNI? Are there any benefits for the Cyclones?? Wouldn't you rather see us play someone like, Minnesota, Colorado St., or Wyoming?  Heck, Illinois sounds good or even Rice and Houston to get into the Texas recruiting. I think our dollars would feel better spent winning a game against those teams.


Next up, Fresno St. Yes, do not look ahead to Iowa as right after the Bulldogs come to town, this Cyclone team will be in for an ambush at another Bulldog, Drake on Monday night. The Knapp Center has not been very kind to us Cyclone fans. I still can't believe that I went to see Fizer's freshman year team and Tinsley's first year team both lose down there. Tom Davis has his team in mid-season form and this December the road does not get any easier. This years schedule looks like it will prepare this team better than any other for the Big 12 since Tinsley & Fizer played Cincinnati in Hawaii.  

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