Wayne Morgan Press Conference

Wayne Morgan talks about Iowa State's win over Northern Iowa.

Opening remarks: There are a whole lot more microphones here tonight than there
were the other night. I thought that people from our state, whether they were
Panthers or Cyclones, saw a great basketball game. Both teams played as hard as
they could and played their hearts out - made great plays. Got to give those
kids from Northern Iowa all the respect in the world. I think they're a very
good basketball team. I was really happy with the effort my kids put forth. Will
Blalock didn't really score - had 10 assists but was phenomenal. Some of the
shots Curtis made were just incredible shots. And I think another guy who really
came through like a really silent assassin was Anthony Davis, especially that
one last 3 was almost like the dagger that sealed the game for us.
On Stinson beginning game on bench: Just, he didn't break any laws or do
anything like that. It was just a little internal thing and that's what we did.
So it was not a big deal. It's not a big deal. He started the second half. He'll
start the next game. It's not a big deal at all.
Can Davis perform that well every game: I certainly hope so. Anthony Davis, this
is the first time he's had a opportunity to play since 2 years ago, when he
played in junior college. Because of the shoulder kept coming out and we had to
operate on it. I think he just played this well. He's got a chance to be better
and better and better because of now consistent playing and the shoulder not
Second half run: Tasheed's play, he made the free throw. That was one of first
plays that gave us any separation.
First half 12-0 run and Clark dunk: By the way, he's going to be ok. Might have
little bit of a sprained right wrist. Boy, the way he went down, I was
concerned. I'm so happy he's OK.
Even game except for 12-0 run: I would say yes, would say most of the time did seem
like it was pretty even. We could never get away from them. We would score make a
difficult shot. We would come down play defense, and they would make a difficult
shot. And you have to give them a lot of credit. They made some shots with the clock
going 5-4-3-2-1 and they made some shots.
Difference between UNI game and Iona: I thought that we were at certain times,
able to get defensive stops. Last Saturday, I mean, we scored 72 points. I
thought we scored enough points to possibly win a basketball game. But there was
never a time where our defense consistently for 4 or 5 possessions held them
scoreless. That didn't happen the other night. Maybe it happened once and they'd
get free throws. Then would happened again and they'd score. But it never
happened like 4-5 stops in a row. Ultimately, if you're playing a good team, you
have to get stops to win.
On Coleman and slowing him down in second half: Yeah, we changed our approach to
Coleman. Which was to front him every time - all we could. Anthony Davis did a
good job of that. Down the stretch, Ross Marsden did a very good job because one
of those possessions they were really, really trying to get it inside and he kept
wrestling his way around to the front of him (Coleman) until somebody else had
to shoot it.
Growing process for young inside players: When you look at Hubalek, you look at
Ross Marsden, you look at Shawn Taggart, these are 3 guys who are going to be very
good players. But they're really figuring it out. They're figuring out where
they're supposed to be offensively,  figuring out where they're supposed to be
defensively. And while they're figuring that out, they have to play at a high
level, and that's not easy. Last year, when we were having our problems, Tasheed
and Rahshon were figuring everything out. Once they figured it out, it was very
difficult to beat us. IF we get those 3 big kids to figure everything out and
play strong, and when I say play strong, that's not like strong like benching
300 pounds. Strong like you can't stop me from doing what I'm supposed to do.
Once we get to that point, we're going to have a chance to be a pretty good
basketball team.
On last year's UNI game and did Morgan say much about it in practice: We
remembered. I mean, we knew they beat us badly. We knew it was second worst loss
we had, the worst being North Carolina. We knew that.

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