Courtside Notes: Bulldogs Beat Cyclones

Iowa State lost to Fresno State by a score of 84-77. The loss puts Iowa State at 4-2 on the season as the Cyclones will face a tough Drake team on Monday night.

*Fresno State's first shot of the game was an air ball by #5, Dwight O'Neil. That was possibly the worst way to start off a game, fueling Cyclone Alley to taunt the living daylights out of the sophomore guard.


*Will Blalock might not be scoring as many points as last year, but he's distributing the basketball like a true point guard. His penetrate and dish pass to Tasheed Carr early in the game was proof of that.


*Will Blalock picked up his second foul with 16.12 remaining in the first half.

*Rahshon Clark had a bandage on his wrist, but didn't show much affect from the fall against UNI early in the game.


*Jiri Hubalek had a sick dunk with 15 minutes to go in the first half that got the crowd going. It appears that the Cyclone newcomer is becoming quite popular in Hilton.


*The Cyclones were playing with a lot of intensity on the defensive side of the ball early in the first half, especially Tasheed Carr. This team was just flowing to the basketball.


*Iowa State had a little bit of trouble with Fresno's press early in the game. Most of it was just careless passes and shouldn't be anything to worry about in the future. Iowa State has two of the best guards at breaking the press in the country.


*Shawn Taggart looked extremely tired early on in this game. He had no energy on either side of the ball. Hope he picks it up. State's going to need him close to 100% next weeks facing two in-state rivals.


*After starting the first four games for the Cyclones, freshman Ross Marsden checked in for the first time with 8:30 left in the first half.


*Curtis Stinson had 6 rebounds in the first 13 minutes of play.


*After Iowa State had a 9 point lead early, Fresno State tied the game up at 24 with 5:56 left in the first half.


*Shawn Taggart showed some nice range with a jumper just inside the free throw line that he hit late in the first half. Just an added bonus to his already stellar offensive game.


HALFTIME SCORE- Iowa State 38 Fresno State 34


*At the end of the first half the score was 38-34 in favor of Iowa State. Though Iowa State had a 4 point lead, it could have been a lot more. Some open three's were missed and the intensity was dropped halfway through the first half. The highlight of the first half would have to be Will Blalock's 9 points. Stinson ended the half with 8 points as he was second highest on the team. Stinson also had 7 rebounds in the first half.


*Iowa State had 22 points in the paint compared to Fresno's 18 in the first half. Iowa State also had 14 points off of turnovers compared to Fresno's 4.




*Fresno tied the game up at 40 with 17 minutes remaining in the game due to their standout guard, Ja'Vance Coleman going off and hitting two NBA-range threes in the first three minutes of the half.


*There was a timeout taken by Iowa State with 16:23 left in the game. Fresno had just taken the lead 43-40 as Coleman hit his third three of the half. Coleman is averaging 21.3 points a game this season.


*Iowa State's defensive intensity is completely gone from the first half. The Cyclones need to get this crowd back in the game as they trail 45-40 with 16 minutes to go in the half.


*With 15:27 to go in the game, Iowa State is still without a scorer in double figures.


*Will Blalock hit a three with 15 minutes to go to give Iowa State a 46-45 lead and the crowd absolutely went crazy. That might be what the Cyclones need to pull away in this one.


*Taggart picked up his fourth foul with 12:36 remaining on a reach. His footwork could use a lot of improvement on defense. I hope that his fatigue is due to his recent illness, and not a lack of effort.


*The ref sitting in front of Chad and I was getting verbally punished with 11:04 to go in the game. Cyclone Alley was actually chanting "ref you suck" during the time out. He also received some unfriendly words from head coach Wayne Morgan during the break.


*Curtis Stinson is 4-15 shooting with 11 minutes left in the game.


*With 9:26 remaining, Fresno has a 58-51 lead and is on a 13-0 run. Iowa State is once again having trouble with the press and is making all sorts of careless passes. It's time for our guards to step up and lead this team.


*Down 10 with 8 minutes to go, it looks like Curtis Stinson is stepping up and taking control on the offensive side of the ball.


*Iowa State is having a tough time hitting their free throws down the stretch of this game.


*Will Blalock picked up his 4th personal foul with 5:57 remaining. That could prove to be huge as Iowa State will need his leadership down the stretch in this one.


*Stinson finally stepped up and hit two free throws with 5:15 to go.


*For the first time this season, I could really feel the wrath of Hilton Magic with four minutes to go in the game. Curtis Stinson looked as sharp as a knife cutting to the hoop to get the Clones within four.


*It's priceless watching the students taunt the other team when they have a player foul out. They do the whole "left right" thing. The best part is when the player tries to "fake" out the crowd by not sitting down. It just makes everybody look stupid. Fresno's Kevin Bell did that late in the game, but was a good sport about it. Bell ended up with 9 points for Fresno.


*Iowa State is down 6 with 1:17 left, and there's not a single person in this crowd who looks confident.


*Rahshon Clark had a dunk much like his put back against UNI that gave this crowd and team a little bit of life with 20 seconds to go. Iowa State was within 4 with 20 seconds on the clock.


FINAL SCORE: Fresno State 84 Iowa State 77


*This game was ugly. End of story. Iowa State beat a UNI team that was clearly better than this Fresno team any day of the week. From a mixture of sloppy passes, and a lot of missed free throws down the stretch, the Cyclones are now 4-2 on the season as they head into the heart of the Big 4 schedule, traveling to Drake and then hosting Iowa next Friday.


*I'm starting to think that Saturday night's in Hilton are a curse to this team. They don't seem to show up.


*There's nothing much you can do than get ready for Drake. The Drake game is going to be huge to see if this team can bounce back on the road. Having 19 turnovers tonight, Iowa State looks to be in some trouble if they can't learn to take care of the basketball and rebound. We'll see what happens when the Cyclones travel to Drake on Monday.


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Curtis Stinson- 22 points, 12 rebounds and 7 assists

Will Blalock- 17 points and 6 assists

Rahshon Clark had 15 points and was 5-7 from the field

Anthony Davis was 0-7 on the night.


*Fresno State was 7-10 on three pointers in the second half tonight.

*Iowa State was 6-12 on free throws in the second half. They shot 57% on the game.




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