Welcome Brent Blum to Cyclone Nation

Brent Blum will be Cyclone Nation's new Wednesday Columnist. Cyclone fans can now look forward to reading hilarious commentary from Iowa State student Brent Blum every Wednesday.

Cyclone Nation is proud to welcome the newest member of its staff. Brent Blum is a current junior at Iowa State. He's coming on board to be a weekly columnist, to provide insight, and once in a while some humor to Iowa State Athletics. Cyclone fans might know Brent from his weekly sports column for the Iowa State Daily. Brent was also the recent winner of the Mediacom Broadcasting competition, in which Brent got to announce part of the Colorado game with the Cyclone Radio Network. The Cyclone Nation Staff feels that Brent will be a great addition to the staff and are very confident that all of Cyclone Nation will look forward to reading his commentary every Wednesday. Here is an interview that I did with Brent after he came aboard.




CN: Talk about your experience in journalism/ being an Iowa State fan.


Ever since I was a young one, I imagined working in the sports media. When I was in first grade, when asked what you wanted to be when you grew up I said, "Jeff Hornacek or Pete Taylor." Well, I wasn't blessed with superior athletic skill (although I once beat Dedric Willoughby in a free throw competition at Cyclone basketball camp), so I went the other route. ISU has always been at the forefront of my mind. I have lived and died with the Cyclones since I knew the difference between a win and a loss. Goodness knows, ISU football taught me the value of humility. Every morning before school from the age of seven on, consisted of Honey Nut Cheerios and the sports page. I grew up with two other brothers, so sports have always been the main topic of conversation. When I got to ISU, my emphasis was going to be broadcasting. I have broadcast the ISU football and men's and women's bball games on KURE 88.5, ISU's student station since my first semester here. I also have been prominently involved in Cyclone Sports Live on ISUtv since that same time. In the first semester of my sophomore year, I met several members of the ISU Daily staff and they wanted to know if I would be interested in writing a column. I decided to give it a shot, and quickly discovered I loved it. I have written once or twice a week for almost a year and a half now. Last spring I began interning for 1430 KASI, the ISU flagship station in Ames. There I worked side-by-side with BJ Schaben and learned a ton about journalism and the ISU media world. I currently am on the mic for the afternoon and night news for KASI. I also cover ISU press conferences and book prominent ISU guests to several of KASI's talk shows. So, in my three years at ISU, I have done as much as I could to get involved with the ISU sports media.    


CN: Talk about your experience with the Mediacom competition.


The Mediacom competition was a shot in the dark. I saw an ad on TV and thought I would give it a go. Over 75 contestants vied for the chance to call a few plays in the booth with John Walters and Eric Heft. We saw several plays from the ISU-Iowa game this September on a monitor and announced play-by-play over the top of it. I was the second contestant of the day. I figured I had no chance. John Walters, Gary Dolphin, and several other media members judged the competition. Luckily, I won the contest and was able to broadcast the CU game with John and Eric, tornado and all. It was an amazing experience. Broadcasting in the same seat Pete Taylor and John Walters broadcast from was a dream come true. They were fond enough of my ability, to give me four whole series of plays instead of just a handful. I called the Ben Barkema 27 yard reception to give ISU the 10-0 lead, the Tim Dobbins pick in the Buffs' red zone to maintain the lead, and was also lucky enough to call the final victory formation kneel down. It gave me a taste of my dream job. Although, I don't think John Walters should be worried too much.        


CN: What makes you the perfect Iowa State fan?


I think what gives me an advantage over some, is I don't know any other way. I never really chose to be an ISU fan, I am an ISU fan. I think it's part of my DNA. I remember fantastic plays like Justus Thigpen's heave at CU from near half-court to win in 1992, but also excruciating ones like Jaquay Walls' equal effort in 2000 to send the Fizer-led Clones into an overtime, which ISU eventually lost. I couldn't tell you the capital of the former Czechoslovakia, but I know Julo Michalik and Jiri Hubalek came from there. I don't think about much else besides ISU sports. This makes school difficult at times, but helps me out in the coverage of the Cyclones.


CN: What makes you excited about working for Cyclone Nation?


Cyclone Nation is on the verge of becoming the leading source of ISU news and coverage. Sure, you can watch the news, listen to the radio, read the paper and get some info from each. But, CN has all of the info centralized in one location. To be able to reach Cyclone fans from all across the globe through the internet is exciting enough. The fact that we can create a place of info/discussion where ISU fans can congregate in a way that makes you feel like you are in a room with all your Cyclone buddies.. that gets me excited. I hope to stimulate thought, and provide a different point of view from the traditional media sources. This is what I want to be doing the rest of my life, so I will do what I can to provide insight to ISU fans that have real jobs to do.


CN: What are your goals with the job?


I would like to provide thoughtful commentary/analysis of Iowa State related happenings. I hope one day this will be a spot where Cyclone fans take time out of their day to see what's going on in my Cyclone-themed mind. There really isn't one columnist in the nation that concentrates solely on ISU. I want to be that person and can't wait to get started.


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