Blum: It's Great to be a Cyclone

Cyclone Nation can now look forward to reading insight from Brent Blum every Wednesday. Blum will provide readers with his own clever breakdowns of Iowa State athletics. Cyclone Nation is proud to have Blum joining the staff and is positive that readers will look forward to his weekly column.

Odds are if you are reading this, you share the same passion for Cyclone athletics as I do. Cyclone sports aren't merely a hobby for me. They consume my life. Not a Robert Downey, Jr. all-night bender type consume, but more like a no sleep at night due to Hampton nightmares type. I can't verify this, but I'm 95 percent sure my first words were, "Lafester Rhodes." While other kids were playing with G.I. Joe's and Tonka trucks, I was spending time admiring Blaise Bryant and Victor Alexander (a Tonka truck of a much different sort.) I have tried to grow out the Blaise Bryant, MC Hammer-style flat-top, but I can't quite pull it off.


I learned multiplication from watching Iowa State, Iowa football games. Needless to say, my skills were tested early and often in those one-sided battles. I was acquainted with my first cuss words while sitting in the parquet of Hilton Coliseum. Not surprisingly, they were directed at Norm Stewart. I still count Ty Stewart's four field goals in the upset over seventh ranked Nebraska in 1992 as my greatest memory while I was enrolled in the second grade (Unfortunately, Stewart has exhausted all of his eligibility. He may have been useful for the past 10 years.)


Now that I have aged myself, you are probably thinking, "Why in the world should I read something from some punk kid who has only been able to legally drink for less than six months?" Well, CN couldn't afford Rick Reilly and Stephen A. Smith was too busy yelling at himself in the mirror.  Plus, do you think they would know the difference between Hurl Beechum and Todd Doxzon?


My goal is to provide a unique perspective to Cyclone fans across the globe. Granted, I may not be the best source for history of events before the year 1985. But, as Dan McCarney would say, "Obviously, there's no doubt about it, those years were a real, real long time ago and we want to focus on the great things ahead." At least I think Coach Mac would say that.


Truthfully, I'm not sure what exactly you will find in these columns. I might write a dissertation on the ability Dedric Willoughby had to rub off screens set by Shawn Bankhead (Remember the nine treys Dedric drained against Kansas in 1997? Or were you occupied giving Raef Lafrentz the business?)  The next week, I may write a statistical study evaluating the effectiveness of Bret Meyer in third quarters, when leading by seven points in states that voted for Kerry.


Whatever the case, it will be all Cyclones, all the time. However, I'm not against taking a few shots at that other school on the other side of the state. Anybody know for sure if Jess Settles was granted an eleventh year of eligibility this year?

Like a Troy Davis run up the middle, I will give my best effort to provide commentary to the thing we all have in common: A love of the Cardinal and Gold. My plan is to be the Ron Bayless, Jacy Hollaway, Jamaal Tinsley, and Will Blalock for you. I will do what I can to assist your passion of Iowa State athletics. I may even settle to be Tim Barnes; only hopefully, without the legal problems. Thanks for the time and Go Cyclones!                

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