Notes From Wayne Morgan Presser

Wayne Morgan was in great spirits when he met with the media to talk about Iowa State's upcoming game with in-state rival Iowa. Morgan talked about everything from Adam Haluska's return to Ames to Jeff Horners injury. Here are notes taken highlighting what Morgan had to say.

On Jeff Horner's Injury

-Morgan was very sad when he saw what happened to Horner. He talked about how he hated to see him get hurt and he's praying for a speedy recovery. Morgan also talked about how great of a player Horner is. Morgan then went on to say that his staff and him would get together tonight and discuss possible game plan changes with Horner out of the lineup.


On Adam Haluska

-Morgan said that he had no idea how the crowd would react to Haluska's return to Ames. Morgan talked about how he hoped that the fans would be appropriate but he thought that the fans would care more about the game in the long run. He said that most fans are going to be there to see good basketball and having their team win is their number one priority. Morgan went on to say that Steve Alford has coached Haluska well and that he's a better player now than when he was a freshman at Iowa State.


On Tasheed Carr

-Morgan said that Carr is still listed as day-to-day. Carr has been trying to practice but can never finish, said Morgan. Morgan said that he is getting better but as of now he's not ready. He talked about when Carr is out, the team has and will rely more on senior guard John Neal. He talked about how Carr hasn't had a great start to the season but he expects him to break out and have some strong games much like the one he had against Texas last season.


On Shawn Taggart

-Morgan talked about how Taggart has been sick and hurt since the first week of the season. He said that he's not playing like himself but he's not complaining and is keeping a good attitude. Morgan then went on to say that Taggart did not practice today and that he is questionable for Friday night's game. Morgan then said that Taggart will open up a lot of eyes when he is healthy because he is that good.


On Greg Brunner

-Morgan talked about how he thought Iowa was going to rely heavily on Brunner. He also discussed how Brunner has recently showed that he has both a strong inside and outside game.


On how to beat Iowa

-Morgan talked about how his team must excel in every singe phase of the game. He talked about how Iowa State must rebound better and execute offensively. Morgan went on to reiterate the fact that his team how not one phase of the game can't be overlooked.


On Iowa State's press

-Morgan was happy with his teams press during the first half against Drake. He went on to say that he pulled off the press in the second half because of wanting to conserve energy on his team due to Drake's press. Morgan talked about how Iowa State blew an 18 point lead the last time the played at Drake and said that fatigue was the main cause of that.


On Rahshon Clark

-Morgan was asked a question about why Rahshon never ran track or high jumped in high school. Jokingly, Morgan talked about how kids in New York don't think about anything other than basketball, and nor should they. It was pretty funny listening to Wayne talk about this.


On Iowa

-Morgan talked about how he believes Iowa will rally around Mike Henderson and Tony Freeman. He said that he looks for Henderson to step up and have another great game like he had earlier in the season against Kentucky.


On the Rivalry

-Morgan said that the kids really look forward to it and it's a huge game. He said that Iowa is a Big 12 caliber team and it's going to be a big learning game for the three young guys down low playing against a great player like Greg Brunner.

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