Medders and Fennelly Comment on Iowa

Lyndsey Medders and Head Coach Bill Fennelly talked to reporters about tonight's showdown with in-state rival Iowa. Read what they both had to say.

Medders on Iowa


-"Obviously the game we had freshman year was quite a game, so we know it's going to be physical. It's going to be possession for possession for forty straight minutes."


"There a little extra chip on our shoulders. I think everybody would be lying if they said there wasn't. It's my dad's birthday too so this game is a little more important than most. Every game's a win and every games a loss, so it's not like we're going to get two wins if we win this game or two losses. We're just going to look to compete every possession and hope to come out with a win."


Medders on her 32 points against Drake


-"I just got up a few more shots than normal. I don't think that I did anything different than what I normally do. Just like most games I'm going to look to distribute that ball. Obviously though if you score 32 points then your confidence rises. If I thought teams were keying on me before, now it's going to be twice as much. Hopefully the other girls will pick up some slack scoring a bit. I know our game plan is good and that Coach Fennelly will have us ready."


Medders on Hilton


-"I think if there's any game that will draw the most fans it will be this one. We appreciate the fans coming out and we're excited to see them all. It will be rocking. I love the fans. That's why I came here. That's why I'd rather be here than playing in front of 200 people back home in LA."


"Without question when you practice every day it's one thing to know that you're going to be playing in front of 200 people and it's another to know that you'll be playing in front of 10,000. It's a huge recruiting factor."



Fennelly 0n Crystal Smith

-Fennelly said that she is as good as any guard that will come into Hilton this season. He doesn't want his players to get to caught up with one player.


Fennelly on Iowa

-He said that they are a big and physical team and that Iowa's depth is a concern to him. Says that staying out of foul trouble will be critical because Iowa State's bench is weaker than Iowa's. Is excited for the rivalry and loves playing this game.


Fennelly on ISU's youth

-Says that he likes playing these big rivalry games early because he gets a good feel for his players early on. He enjoys the in-state rivalries because teams get to play teams from different conferences. Says that this game gages how good his team is heading into the meat of its schedule.


Fennelly on the crowd

-Said that Iowa State has a great fan base, some of the best in the country. Talked about how knowledgeable the Iowa State fans are and said that the freshman will have to adjust to the big crowd. Said it's important for his team to stay in its comfort zone the entire game and the home court should be an advantage.

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