Courtside Notes From Women's Game

Iowa State didn't have any problem defeating their instate rival tonight at Hilton. Here are courtside notes taken at the game. Cyclones beat the Hawkeyes 77-61.

-During pre-game I was looking around in the crowd and I was just shocked that there weren't more Iowa fans in the house. I'm not complaining but it proves that women's basketball fans just don't travel like the men. Great turnout of Cyclone fans though as we've come to expect from one of the top women programs in the country.


-There was a lot of hype about Iowa's point guard Crystal Smith. So far this year she's averaging 22 points per game. I was surprised as to how small she is. She's an incredible athlete for her size and a very intense individual on the court.


-Right off of the bat I was extremely impressed by the play of Iowa State freshman Nicky Wieben. She is a force down low and has a great move to the basket. She's extremely solid for a freshman and I think we'll see good things from her in the future.


-I think the fans at women's games get more riled up than the ones at men's games. Haha, wait until tomorrow. Seriously though, I thought that this lady behind me was going to have a coronary.


-Megan Ronhovde is an animal. With 13 min to go in the first half, she hit a three and then yelled at Britney Wilkins for missing a pick while running down the court. She's a great team leader and a fine competitor. She also has a great move to the basket. She's really mature as a player and can do it all. She does every aspect of the game well from driving to the basket, rebounding and obviously three point shooting.


-I'm going to start referring to Lyndsey Medders as "The General." She is an excellent leader who distributes the basketball incredibly well. Iowa State went on a 9-0 run halfway through the first half and Medders was a huge part of the. She hit a three and had two assists during the run. She has the ability to drive and dish and is a great shooter. Her along with Ronhovde are very special players.


-Lyndsey Medders had a sick dish to Nicky Weiben with 4 minitues to go in the half. She looked like a female Will Blalock.


-With 3:19 left in the half, Iowa State had a 30-27 lead. The crowd was on the edge of their seats as they hung on every possession. At this point in the game, it's starting to look a lot like this very game two years ago when Iowa State won in triple overtime.



HALFTIME SCORE: Iowa State 37 Iowa 27


-One thing that continues to impress me while watching this game is offensive rebounding that the Iowa State ladies do. They are all such hard workers and it pays off on the glass. That's what rebounding is. Effort and position.


-Iowa State got off to a huge run to begin the second half but it was cut short when Iowa's physical play started to get to the Cyclones. Iowa State's fearless leader Lyndsey Medders once again stepped up and hit some huge shots to cool down the Hawkeyes.


-Heather Ezell hit a couple of huge threes, specifically one with 7:44 to go which put the Cyclones up by 13. After she hit the three Iowa called a timeout immediately and Lyndsey Medders attempted to chest bump her. She did it with a lot of force too. These ladies play with a ton of intensity.


-Megan Ronhovde took a charge in the second half and got up and screamed like she was at a haunted house. It's great to see players get so much out of a hustle play like taking a charge. A lot of times plays like that are more important than a big dunk. Fans appreciate that.


-Sitting this close made me realize how physical of a game that women's basketball really is. Iowa State has some ladies who don't back down to anybody. Britney Wilkins and Nicky Wieben both play like guys out there.


-It was fun watching Lyndsey Medders match up with Crystal Smith all night long. These two were going at it pretty good and are both very scrappy ball players. In the end, I just feel like Iowa State was the superior team all night long.


-This was a fun game to watch. The Iowa State women play with so much emotion it's hard not to enjoy.


-At the end of the game, the ISU students were chanting "do it again tomorrow." I sure hope so.


FINAL SCORE: Iowa State 77 Iowa 61



Notable stats on the night:


Lyndsey Medders:20 points and 14 assists

Megan Ronhovde:14 points and 11 rebounds

Nicky Wieben: 19 points and 12 rebounds

Heather Ezell: 12 points

Brittany Wilkins: 10 points and 13 rebounds


-Iowa State had 4 players with double doubles.


-Iowa State shot 40% from the field. Iowa shot 35%.


-Iowa State had 32 points in the paint compared to Iowa's 16.


-Iowa State had 9 fast break points compared to Iowa's 0.

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