Marsden, Stinson and Blalock Talk About Iowa

Ross Marsden, Curtis Stinson and Will Blalock comment on everything from Adam Haluska's return to how good Greg Brunner actually is. Iowa State will host Iowa tonight at 7.

Ross Marsden


On Alex Thompson


-"Back in high school we would always have the same goal and try to win together. Now we hope the Cyclones come out on top."


"We'd go against each other in practice and in games we'd play with each other. Alex won a lot because of his year old experience. He's a good player."


"Getting to play against him this year is great because it's at home. Alex has to come back here instead of me going to Iowa City. Playing Iowa is always great. I've been watching it since I was a little kid. Every year it gets better."


On the rivalry


-"The Cyclones need to win. It's always a fun and competitive game. I'm really looking forward to it."


On Greg Brunner


-"He's a really big guy and a really good player. We'll have to find a way to stop him down low. All of us big guys need to be as physical as we can. We need to put a body on him as soon as a shot goes up and we need to rebound. We need to block him out and defend him and do what we can."


Curtis Stinson


On the season


-"From now on every game is going to mean a lot for us, it doesn't matter if it's Iowa or Kansas or whoever it is, a ranked team or whatever, we're going to play it like it's our last."


On the Drake win


-"I think we did. (pick up momentum) Winning in a hostile environment against an inner state squad. Just to play away and let the new guys learn about the road helps our confidence a lot."


On Iowa


-"I don't really know if we are concerned, we just need to play our game. Inside Greg Brunner is a very talented player and we have new guys over here. Our guys will be ready for that and we accept the challenge. We just need to contain him. He scores down there. He can hit the outside shots, he rebounds, he'll be a tough problem for us."


"I've already played them here before. I don't really look at it as that type of a game. I leave it up to the fans to get us going. I'll let the fans handle that."


On Damien Staple practicing with the team


-"It helps a lot because Damien played here for two years. Damien played a lot last year. He's an NCAA tournament player with us. He helps bang them around to let them know how physical it is. He does anything that he can to help the big guys."


On the atmosphere


-"I really don't think about it. I just wait until game day. I'm the type of person that when the game comes, that's when I handle it but I know it's going to be really crazy out there. The crowd's going to be into it. That's just going to get us going. Every game for the rest of the year is going to be like this. With a team like this and a rivalry, I know how much Iowa State and Iowa go head to head all of the time. The adrenaline is pumping but I know that it's pumping for them too. I'm looking at it as a regular game."


Will Blalock


On the crowds reaction to Adam Haluska


-"I know that they won't go overboard with it because that's not what they do here. It will be pretty interesting to see what they're going to do."


On his meeting with the big men down low


-"It was more of a confidence booster. You can't really say anything bad about them because they haven't really been coached a lot. They're just coming out of high school aside from Jiri. It's hard to develop a young big guy with no returning front guys. They don't know how hard it is to work. You can't have five new guys and expect them to know what the guys did last year just by watching tape. It's not that easy. They really don't know the physicality yet. Friday will be a big test for them."


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