CY'D Notes From the Victory Over the Hawkeyes

More on Iowa State's win over the Iowa Hawkeyes

Randy Peterson of The Des Moines Register asked Coach Morgan after the game, "Wayne you've seen all three other teams in the state, what do you think of basketball in the state of Iowa?"

Coach Wayne Morgan replied "We are the state champs."


No need to go further - Coach Morgan summed it up. The Cyclones are the mythical state champs and if the other teams in this state go on and have great seasons Morgan isn't concerned about them as he is preparing this team for the Big 12 and another NCAA appearance.


1:15 left in the game, which is when Adam Haluska scored his first basket of the second half and ended up adding four free throws for six total points when he scored ten in the first half. The true leader of the Hawkeye's was watching this game from the bench and would never have a chance to play in his final Iowa/ ISU game, Jeff Horner. Today, that wouldn't have mattered as ISU was more dominate and determined.


Jiri have arrived!!- Jiri Hubalek made Iowa State fans almost forget Jared Homan for at least one game. He came out with such aggressive play and knack for getting open under the basket for Curtis and Will to deliver the ball and get some easy baskets to set the tone. Even Coach Steve Alford of Iowa noted that his inside players were outplayed in the early stages of the game and it did set the tone for the rest of the game. Jiri still fouled out but we will take his 13 points and 8 rebounds for becoming a better player.  With 10:38 in the second half when ISU was on its way to build a twenty point lead, Jiri grabbed the rebound off a Carlton Reed missed jumped, ran the length of the floor and Will Blalock fed him beautifully down the lane for a lay-up to put ISU up 52-38 and it was over.


3-pointers came at key times - Can you believe that the first Cyclone 3-point basket came with 9:34 left in the first half? It was Stinson who nailed it.

16:44- Clark for three (ISU 42-32); 14:28 Will for three (ISU 45-34) after two offensive rebounds; 13:40-Clark for three, kaboom!! (ISU 48-36). The Cyclones answered every point that Iowa scored by building a lead they would never lose since 2:23 left in the first half by what that's you say…a Will Blalock 3-pointer. You got it!!(30-29 ISU).


Free Throws. Arggh!! Is it me or have the Cyclone teams in the recent years just seem to miss free throws late in the games or what. Yes a win is a win, but hanging a twenty point loss against your in-state rival would be better. The Cyclones need to get that free throw percentage up a lot as they will be in many tight games in the conference and we don't have the "Mayor" Julo, Jake and Justus out there on the floor anymore. These Cyclones need to take pride in going to the line. I think that's what most of us loved about the early 90's teams under Johnny and Tim's first year.


Where is Taggart? Shawn came into the second half and with 6:10 left and up by 16, he gets the ball at the elbow, turns and misses a 15 footer with 20 seconds still on the shot clock. He doesn't get in position at the other end and Stinson has to foul Hansen. Morgan called Taggart to the bench and that's where he stayed. He is going to have to shake off whatever is bothering him and realize that he is at a very good Division One school in a great conference with an opportunity for this team to be in the top four in the conference. Morgan knows his offensive skills are there, this game is more than offensive and the NBA definitely gears more on the defensive end than offensive end like in the 1980's. Hang in there Shawn; we will need you down the stretch!!!


Hawkeye's need to find a leader- Greg Bruner and Adam Haluska both scored their only field goal in the second half under 2:27 left in the game when it was already decided. Matter of fact, Haluska scored all six of his points with under 2:19 left to go. Not a way to lead a team when someone needed to carry an extra load.


Hansen and Freeman shine- The play of SR-Erek Hansen and FR point guard Tony Freeman was very pleasing to Coach Alford as he gave them great praise in the press conference. Alford thought Hansen was a factor. The only question that wasn't asked is, if he was such a key factor (6-7 from the field, 4 blocks, and 7 rebounds) why did he play only twenty-two minutes. It might be conditioning as I noticed Hansen coming slowly toward the bench when he was being subbed and it appeared that he was tired. He's been around too long to get that tired when he clearly had about his best game.


Tony Freeman looked very quick at times and nailed a big three with 5:11 left in the first half when he answered Stinson's three to tie the game at 25. He wasn't in the game when Iowa State made their big run and built a 16 point lead. He comes in and it seemed that Alford wanted him to put more pressure on Will and Curtis and he ended up being too aggressive and fouled out. With his first start, he showed signs of being a good player, but for now he is 0-1 against ISU.


Interesting three minutes- with 10:06 left in the game, Iowa got called for its second foul and by 7:22 they had racked up seven.


Play the entire game- With 11:08 left in the first half I looked up and saw, Blalock -0 points, Stinson-2 points, Clark- 0 points 0 shots, Carr- 0 points and Davis 2 points. Wow, what a difference playing the entire game out makes rather than what happens early. Stamina is going to carry this Cyclone team far as they will wear down their opponents.

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