Williams Impressed by Visit

Robert Williams talks about his visit to Iowa State and whether he'll be committing anywhere in the near future.


Robert Williams is a 6'3, 200 pound linebacker out of Dallas, Texas and he's just returned home from his official visit to Iowa State. Overall, Williams was impressed with what he saw and enjoyed his stay in Ames.


"It went pretty well. I liked it," said Williams.


Though his visit went well, Williams also said that he isn't any closer to making a commitment after his visit to Iowa State. He's still unaware as to when he will commit anywhere and he is going to weigh out his options.


"I don't have any top schools," said Williams.


Williams plans on visiting Washington State on Dec. 17.


The major thing that stood out for Williams on his visit was the basketball game against Iowa that he attended on Friday night.


"It was really loud," said Williams.


Williams said that he met with an academic advisor and discussed possibilities about schedules if he did decide to attend Iowa State. Williams is planning on majoring in business when he gets to school.


For Williams, the Iowa State coaching staff is the main reason why he likes the Cyclones.


"They are good coaches. I like them a lot," said Williams.


Williams said that he has been watching a few of Iowa State's games this year and has been impressed. When asked about making a trip to Houston for the bowl game, Williams said that he doubted he would be in attendance.


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