Cody Habben Comments on Visit

Cody Habben has a ton of family in the midwest and that could be a factor in his recruiting. Habben discussed that and his visit this past weekend to ISU.

Cody Habben is from Issaquah, Washington. That's a long ways away from the state of Iowa But Cody Habben feels right at home in the Cyclone State.


"We're practically the only part of my family that's moved out of Iowa or Nebraska," said Habben.


Habben, a 6'5, 280 pound offensive lineman has family in Okoboji, Storm Lake and Council Bluffs. His grandparents even came down and joined him when he visited Iowa State this weekend.


"It was cool. It was a lot of fun. I had a great time there. It was nice because my grandparents came down. The coaches were awesome. It was really nice getting to see practice and to see how they coach. That was a major plus. Just being able to see the campus was awesome," said Habben.


Habben said that his parents would be cool with it if he did decide on going to Iowa State. It's a long ways away but Habben said they'd enjoy coming and visiting his grandparents more often.


"If I go out of state then I'll be the kid from Washington. If I go back there then I'll be like a hometown kid," said Habben.


Habben, like many recruits in attendance attended the basketball game on Friday, and came away very impressed by Hilton Magic.


"That was cool. The crowd was cool. They were going nuts. I like that. I'm sure they're twice as crazy at a football game," said Habben.


Habben still has visits scheduled to Arizona State, Washington and Oregon State, but he did say that the Cyclones are right in the thick of things after his visit.


"They're pretty high up there. I like them a lot. Plus I go back to Iowa every summer and I love going back there. They're one of my top choices right now," said Habben.

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