On Campus With Brent Blum

This week, Brent discusses everything from Iowa State basketball to Angelina Jolie.


All of us here at Iowa State are dead in the middle of finals week. I'm sure all of you have fond memories of this week. Decisions such as: "Should I drink my 15th Mountain Dew in a four hour span or sleep for two hours?" are being hotly debated. Maybe I should have elected to go to my Law and Politics class all semester, instead of watching great classics such as the replay of the 1994 Orange Bowl. We all have our priorities, and frankly I'd rather learn about Charlie Ward than Machiavelli. Call me crazy.  But, in the midst of the stress, Red Bulls, and ordering Pitas at two in the morning, I came up with a couple Cyclone based thoughts.


Quick takes on the Iowa basketball game: Curtis Stinson has that semi-unique quality to score 20 points without anyone noticing. I can't stand the phrase, "quiet 20" but Stinson fits into that category. I guess Rahshon Clark would be placed in the "loud 20" division. Whenever the Cyclones needed a hoop Friday, they turned to "Blue Collar." ISU's offense broke down several times in the half-court, but Curtis saved three or four possessions with penetration and dishes to Jiri Hubalek or shots for himself as the clock expired. It's one of the main reasons the Cyclones have been so successful the past two years in close games.  


ISU's full-court pressure isn't necessarily a Nolan Richardson "40 minutes of Hell" type pressure, but effective in another way. If Richardson's Arkansas teams had the Mike Tyson of presses, the Cyclones have the Lennox Lewis. By the end of the game Adam Haluska, Mike Henderson and Tony Freeman looked as worn out as Courtney Love. 

The problem happens when ISU goes for the knock-out punch and gets out of position, giving up easy looks (Iona and Fresno State.) Lennox Lewis doesn't knock dudes out, he toys with them. It's all about the body punch.


Is it just me or was this football season a little crazy? I'm talking Ron Artest and late ‘90s Angelina Jolie-type crazy. We all should have known 2005 was going to venture into the Twilight Zone after the first quarter of the Illinois State game. It started as innocent as any other game with a Tony Yelk kick-off landing somewhere between Gilbert and Story City. But, when Edgar Arceo entered the game things got goofy. Arceo, kicking for the injured Bret Culbertson, attempted the first Cyclone field goal of the season from 25 yards out. Everyone was glancing around with their palms up in the air as if to say, "Did we find this guy in an intramural soccer game?" Well, he missed the field goal and never saw the playing surface the rest of the year. At least he will forever be cemented in the box score. That's got to be worth something.


Of course, the bizarre didn't stop. The Clones scored their first points of the season after the Redbirds' punter Ryan Hoffman launched a three-wood right into the spacious back-side of his Center and back out of the end zone. Iowa State was the only team in D-1 whose first points were recorded off a blocked punt for a safety. It was their first safety since Tim TeBrink and Jeremy Loyd combined to hog-tie Aaron Greving at Iowa in 2002. Coincidentally, the only other teams whose first points were due to a safety in 2005: Alabama and Kansas. The Jayhawks just have to steal all of the thunder.


 Well… more on the wacky 2005 next week. I didn't even get a chance to mention two actual tornado touchdowns in Story County, Brent Curvey's yards per touch average, or opposing back-up quarterbacks with last names that should be first names. (Chase Daniel, Brian Luke). I'm off to attempt to pull an Andrew Skoglund and luck into a couple of A's. By mentioning his name, maybe I will summon some of his fantastic brain-power. Come to think of it, I could use some of his height too. 

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