Alexander Robinson Talks About Commitment

Alexander Robinson is a speedy running back that and one of the newest Iowa State Commitments. Here, Robinson talks about being a Cyclone and his experiences on his visit to Iowa State.

Alexander Robinson is officially going to be a Cyclone next season. The speedy running back out of Minneapolis, Minnesota visited Iowa State on December 2nd and now he's ready to continue his career in Ames.


"I'm happy to be a Cyclone. I chose the Cyclones because that's where I feel most comfortable. The players and the coaches were first and foremost very honest with me. I felt very comfortable with them. I felt I could be around them for years," said Robinson.


Robinson is also excited to mix up the big city lifestyle that he's become so used to over the years being raised in Minneapolis.


 "Minneapolis is a big city. I kind of wanted to get away a little bit and Ames is a smaller town but it's not that small. It's far enough from home but if I ever need to get back it's not that far," said Robinson.


Academically, Robinson is planning on being a business major and Iowa State's business program lured him to Ames academically.


"I plan on majoring in business management and they built a brand new business center so that was another reason," said Robinson.


When it came down to it, the fact that he felt so comfortable in Ames was the deciding factor. He also got a chance to hang out with some player on his visit and that had a big impact on Robinson.


"What I thought was really useful was sitting down and talking with the players. I saw how they felt about the coaches and the atmosphere in Ames and playing for Coach Mac. I wanted to see what kind of a coach that Coach Alford was since he'll be my position coach," said Robinson.


Robinson was hosted by R.J. Sumrall and he got a chance to hang out with Jason Scales a lot on his visit.


Robinson feels that his speed is the number one thing that he'll bring to Iowa State. He's looking forward to coming in and competing for playing time next season as a true freshman. Robinson chose Iowa State over Minnesota. He said it was only a two team race.

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