Coach Mac Bowl Game Presser Notes

Coach Mac met with reporters this morning and talked about everything from he's teams trip to the Houston Bowl to grades coming in later in the week. Find out what the coach had to say here.

On Terry Allen

-Mac started off by announcing that Terry Allen will become the new head coach of Missouri State. Mac said that he's happy for Terry and that it is a good sign for Iowa State that programs want his people in power. Mac said that he appreciated Terry's loyalty and that he will coach in the bowl game.


On Bowl Practices

-Today will be practice number 9. The team will have 15 practices leading up to the bowl game. They will have practice tomorrow and then the team will get 4 days off until they are due back on Monday. The team will leave for Houston on Tuesday.


On Injuries

-Mac said that Milan Moses had surgery and will not play in the bowl game. He is expected to be back for the spring. Mac commented on Stevie Hick's health and said that Stevie is the healthiest he's been since the Iowa game. He's practicing with the team in full force now.



-Mac said that TCU is a great team from the turnover standpoint. He said that they cause a lot of them and don't turn the ball over themselves. Mac said that TCU is the best team that he's ever seen in a bowl game. They have 9 wins in a row and their team speed is very impressive.


On the Houston Bowl

-Mac is excited to play in a 1st class facility. He's especially excited due to the fact that the Houston Bowl is so excited to have ISU play there. Mac is impressed with the loyalty that the bowl game has shown to Iowa State. Both teams will get to use the Houston Texans facilities for the first time ever. The roof will be open unless it is storming. Big East crews will be officiating and Mac stated that he is for instant replay in this game.


On Corey Rodgers

-Mac said that he is extremely explosive on punt return and that his team has put some extra time into kick coverage because of him.


On Player Conduct in Houston

-Mac said that the players won't have a ton of free time in Houston. He said that the in season curfews and rules won't change because they're in a bowl game. The team will be returning to Ames the day after the game. Mac insisted that his team is there to win and that's it.


On the Seniors

-Mac said that they have all had unbelievable careers. He said that he'll have mixed feelings when he says good bye. Mac really wants to make their last game memorable with a win.


On the Players from Texas

-"They don't want to go to the zoo and throw some meat to lions," said Mac. The biggest problem with all of the players from Texas is finding tickets Mac said.


On Recruiting

-Mac can't mention specifics but he expects the bowl game to have a huge impact on recruiting.


On Christmas

-Mac said that the players that won't be able to go home for Christmas will either go with a coach or another player. He doesn't want anybody to be alone on Christmas. He then said that his players will focus on winning in Houston and not Christmas when they get down there.


On Bret Meyer

-Mac said that Meyer has great character and is never satisfied. He said that Meyer has improved a ton since he got here and he's a true leader. Mac said that there's a huge trust factor with all of the coaches and Bret.


On Tim Dobbins

-Mac said that the only time Dobbins isn't smiling is when he's getting his tail kicked. He said that Dobbins is a great man and he's opened a lot of eyes at the next level.


On Player Grades

-Mac said that everybody should be ok. Final grades come in tomorrow but the team shouldn't have any academic issues.


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