A New Day at Cyclone Nation

Jonathan Narcisse talks about changes at Cyclone Nation.

As we approach the new year I am excited about the

team we are assembling at Cyclone Nation and I am

excited about the outstanding product we are covering.

The state of Cyclone athletics has never been

stronger. The state of Cyclone Nation has never been



In our December issue we published a list of goals set

and goals met. We have promised progress. We have

delivered progress. And we have documented progress.

Yet we have, as my six year old would say, "a long,

long, long, long, long, long way to go" before we

become, in my opinion, adequate, really good, great,

or the best website and magazine within the Scout



As the parent of a nine year old and a six year old I

know that with growth comes pain. Morning sickness is

agony. Child birth is agony. Teething is agony. Then

those teeth, purchased with so much anguish, fall out.

More agony. And as soon as that agony ends their

clothes start shrinking overnight. Yet in each

instance the momentary suffering is rendered

insignificant compared to the end result.


At Cyclone nation the past several months we have

experienced the pains of growth. Throughout 2006 we

will continue to experience those pains of growth.

Each instance of our momentary suffering, however,

will be rendered insignificant with each affirming end



Our number one priority will continue to be customer

service. Recruiting news is a top priority of

Scout.com. You will see a major improvement in that

area. Another one of our top priorities is to

diversify content. We no longer just want to cover

football and basketball but all Iowa State University

sports. We also have set as a top priority creating

more opportunities for our visitors and subscribers to

interact with the Cyclone community.


From the outside looking in some of our customers

might be have been happy the past few months with our

content but I wasn't happy. There is room for

improvement. And we will continue to strive to be



I like the team we've assembled. Chris Williams, a

passionate Cyclone fan, is our Director of Content;

Karen Jerome, whose home is a tribute to the Cyclones,

is our Director of Production; Brent Blume, an Iowa

State University student, heads a growing group of

contributors to Cyclone Nation, and Chad Winterboer, a

passionate Cyclone fan, is our Director of Sales and

Marketing. Of course Steve Deace remains a vital part

of our efforts as the founder and Publisher Emeritus

of Cyclone Nation.


We are becoming very aggressive on our website. For

example Chris Poole, Scout.com's Recruiting

Coordinator for the Big 12 will be participating in a

weekly chat with our Recruiting Coordinator and

Director of Content Chris Williams. This weekly chat

will provide a powerful wrap to our extensive

recruiting coverage.


You can also hear Chris Williams weekly on 1460 KXNO

at 5:00 p.m. on Deace in the Afternoon and view him on

State of the Nations on Mediacom. Check your local

listings for the time and date the programs air.

Another great feature we've added this year are our

live chat sessions during Iowa State games. Why wait

until after the game to communicate with other Cyclone

fans. Our live game chats have proven very popular.

Being a part of these sessions is like being a part of

the game. You experience the highs and the lows in

ways that are impossible to describe until you

actually log on and join in.


Cyclone Nation has also added audio posts including

interviews and press events. This serves as a

wonderful option to stay connected to the Cyclones

during work or while multi-tasking. We hope to very

soon add video streaming and more interactive chat

sessions to our site, as well.


For nearly 20 years I've been in the publishing

business. I've worked with dozens of publications

ranging from niche products to general news products.

I have rarely been as excited about the potential of a

product as I am with Cyclone Nation.


I can't wait till this time next year so I can look

back and see the growth. Already I look back to June

of 2005 when I first got involved and I am very

pleased with how far we've come.


As we move forward in 2006 our motto is "The Cyclones,

a choice of the next generation." If you have

questions or comments about our business feel free to

contact me at 515-471-5092 or email me at



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