Jackson Speaks on TCU

DeAndre Jackson talks about TCU and how the Cyclone's are preparing for the Houston Bowl.



"TCU is a very fast team. They have a lot of skill players that can make plays. When we're in there watching film we need to watch how they release off the line. We watch how they react to press or off coverage. They're a very fast team and their quarterback will make plays."


"I know that when I was looking at their bios a lot of those guys come from big high school programs. A lot of those guys have got a little swagger to them. They go out there and make plays and they get excited. They start dancing. They've got some swagger to them. That just means that they're very confident and they know they can make plays. We just need to step our game up."


"To me they have the same exact players as Texas or A&M. They're just as good from watching them on film. We can't let up on them."

On the receivers


On TCU's recievers

"Most of their receivers are about 6'1. They're quick elusive guys so we need to be good tacklers. We need to run to the ball so we can't slack off because they can make one person miss and take it to the house."


"They can run a screen just so their guys can make a play in one on one coverage. The biggest key to this game is us tackling and running to the ball."


On recruiting


"That would be a very big thing to see a team up close an personal that's recruiting you. You'd get to see how they guys move and how they react on the field. I talked to a couple of recruits and they said that they were coming to the game. It's pretty fun too because a lot of kids have never been to a college game so this could get their juices flowing."




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