Chris Herrera to ISU???

Chris Herrera has already committed to Mississippi State. He visited Iowa State this past weekend. Would the visit change his mind? Find out here.

Chris Herrera has already committed to Mississippi State, however the 6'4 275 pound lineman out of Texas visited Iowa State this past weekend. The visit is turning out to be huge for Iowa State because it's now making Chris think about Iowa State in a serious way.


"Right now they're deadlocked because they almost have the same things. They have beautiful facilities. The football fields are nice. For me they have the same things. That's why it's so hard for me to decide between the two," said Herrera.


Herrera is now done taking visits and is evaluating the two schools. He said that all he can do now is talk the decision over with his parents.


"I'm still at Mississippi State but very much considering Iowa State. My parents and I are going to sit down and talk about it," said Herrera.


Herrera visited with two high school teammates who are also highly touted prospects out of his high school. Sean Estelle is a defensive end that's already committed to Colorado and Dimitri Lott is a lineman that's committed to Texas Tech.


"I think that Shawn was really impressed. Dmitri said that he liked it but it was really cold. They liked the visit and what Iowa State had to offer," said Herrera.


Though the trio is taking visits together, Herrera said that it's not a big deal to the three that they play college ball together. After saying that, he also stated that it would be fun if they did end up together.


"We kind of just end up together on our visits because we're the top three players getting recruited at our school. It would be nice to play college ball with your teammates," said Herrera.


Herrera continued to state that he was extremely impressed with the practice facilities at Iowa State and that they will be a big factor for him.


"We got to see the facilities and we got to see the weight room. We got to see the indoor practice facility which was very nice. It was the best one that I've ever seen. The next day we went on campus and got to see some of the buildings and classrooms," said Herrera.


Another thing that Herrera was excited about was the small class sizes at Iowa State. Education is important to Chris and he liked the learning atmosphere at Iowa State.


"Myself, I thought that there would be like 100 people in every class but really it was just like 15 or 25 people in a classroom and I thought that was really nice. It's an environment that I can actually learn in," said Herrera.


Herrera was also impressed by how friendly the Iowa State coaching staff was on his visit.


"We got to meet with Coach Mac. The coaches gave us a really warm feeling. I really liked Iowa State. I like the campus and I liked the home feeling," said Herrera.


From here Iowa State fans need to keep their fingers crossed. If for some reason the Cyclones could land all three of these kids, it would fill huge gaps in this recruiting class and for next year's team.




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