Stephenson and Leaders Talk About TCU

Scott Stephenson and Nick Leaders give their thoughts on Iowa State's bowl date with TCU. Find out what they had to say here.

Scott Stephenson


On himself


"I've been all over the place on offense and defense. I think I found the right thing for myself."


On the battle of the trenches


-Both of their defensive tackles are two of the best that we'll go up against all year. Both of their ends are great players. They're all-conference all the way across the board."


On Bowl Games


-This will be my first experience here. I got to go to two bowl games at Minnesota. The Sun Bowl and the Music City Bowl. I'm going to treat this one the same way. We've got to win. One reason you're going down there is to win a football game."


On Next Season


-Coming into next year we're only losing Pence and Egbers on the line. We're going to come back with a stacked offense. That experience with each other will just boost us for another season.






On the seniors


"We just need to go out there and have fun and hopefully we can end this thing with a win and make some memories."




"Everybody has a bad taste in their mouth after that last game. We have a little extra motivation going into practice knowing that we had that loss. Nobodies taking it easy. We know that we have to step it up for this game. They're extremely fast on offense so we'll have to tackle really well."


"They're similar to a team like A&M or Missouri that we've seen. Their quarterback is mobile. He can run it and throw it really well. They like to spread it out and open up big gaps. They like to make you tackle one on one in the open field. We've been practicing a lot on tackling and they'll do a lot of hurry up stuff too."


"On film it looks like it. They do everything. We know from looking at their offense they they're very potent. They've scored 50 points in a lot of different games. You have to have a good offense to score 50 points no matter who you're playing."

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