Lineman Commits

Find out what Joseph Vargas had to say about his visit to Iowa State and his recent commitment to the Cyclones.

Iowa State has gained the commitment of another offensive lineman in this year's recruiting class. The newest addition to Barney Cotton's collection of prospect is Joseph Vargas, a 6'2 315 pound offensive lineman out of Sulphur Springs, Texas. Vargas visited last weekend has recently given Iowa State his commitment to be a Cyclone next season.


" committed to Iowa State. When I give my word, that's as good as signing. Most coaches don't see it like that. They see it as your word is just your word but to me it's final. Iowa State showed me a lot when I went up there," said Vargas.


Vargas had visits scheduled to Northwestern, TCU and Missouri but said that he does not plan on attending them because he is that solid on Iowa State.


"I can't wait to step up and play ball for them," said Vargas.


Vargas, like many offensive line recruits said that he felt especially close to Barney Cotton, and was thrilled that Cotton recruited him.


"Coach Cotton recruited me. That's really something that I appreciated. He came down here and looked at me. That said a lot. It really meant a lot to me," said Vargas.


Vargas got to do a lot on his visit but there were two main things that sold him on Iowa State. The first one was seeing the current Cyclones practice.

"I got to meet the players. I went to go and watch them practice. I wanted to watch them practice before I made my decision. I wanted to see how they played. What really caught my eye the most was that they play together as a team," he said. "They always have in their minds that there isn't anything that they can't do. That's really what I want to be a part of. That's what we had here in high school," said Vargas.


The other big thing for Vargas was the relationship that the players have with the coaches.


"They are all great coaches. I got a chance to talk to meet most of them. They aren't there to get paid. They are there for the kids. They are there to help the kids achieve their goals. Coach Mac is a nice guy. They're basically the same coaches that I have down here. That's how I felt. They really wanted me to commit to them. Coaching is really important to me because I think you really have to have a coach player relationship and if you don't have that then you really won't have any players on the team. You don't want a bunch of people who just show up," said Vargas.


Vargas resides in Texas but will not be able to attend the Houston Bowl due to an all-star football game that he'll be playing in. Ironically, Vargas will spend his bowl weekend in the one place that Cyclone fans dread, Shreveport.


"I will be watching that game in Shreveport. I have an All-American Bowl game on the 4th but we start practicing the 30th. The drive from Shreveport to Houston is a long ways" (laughter)


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