What's Going on During Bowl Practices?

What exactly has been going on a bowl game practies? Is the team preparing for TCU in any certain way? Cyclone Nation just got off of the phone with a little birdie so here's an update.

I just got off of the phone with one of my little birdies and got a nice little report on what exactly has been going on at bowl practices that is out of the ordinary.


First of all, most of the team is now at home for Christmas. If the distance was too far then those players are either with other teammates or coaches. Coach Mac didn't want anybody spending the Holidays alone. The team is due back in Ames on Monday morning and will depart for Houston on Tuesday.


Now onto bowl practices. The thing that I found extremely interesting is that the team has been practicing specific overtime situations. I was surprised when I heard that but also very happy about it. I freaked out when we went to overtime last night in basketball but then remembered that it was a different sport. The team is spending significant time on that.


The team is also spending a lot of time on special teams, specifically preparing for Cory Rogers of TCU. They are practicing a lot on punt protection as well.


Last but not least there are 20 minute "developmental" practices that take place after the normal practice is over. During this time, the first and second strings are free to go but everybody else sticks around for 20 minutes in which they work one on one with the coaches. A lot of times they play 7 on 7 and also scrimmage sometimes as well.


The team seems to be in a solid mind frame right now and I think the few days off for Christmas will do them well. I think it's a lot like my golf game. If I play everyday for two weeks, I usually play worse than when I take a week off and come back fresh. Let's hope that happens with the Cyclones in Houston.

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