Bowl Preview: Meyer and Blythe Speak on TCU

Bret Meyer and Todd Blythe talk about TCU and the Houston Bowl. Find out what the duo had to say here.

Bret Meyer


On him running the ball…


"If I have to run a little bit more that's fine. I had to do that last year. We just have to take advantage of whatever they do. If they play man coverage we need to take advantage of it."


On TCU's defense…


"The main thing we can do is just run our offense. They're a really good defense. Their secondary is good and their backers can run. I see a lot of similarities to our defense. It's going to be a long day for us if we don't' do what we're supposed to do. "


On Stevie Hicks


"It adds a lot in pass protection and running the ball. He's going to be a horse back there for us.  It's going to be really good to have him back out there."


On the Houston Bowl…


"It's going to be top of the line. It'll be a lot of fun and a great experience."



Todd Blythe


On Bret Meyer…


"Last year he was leading more by action. As a freshman you haven't really been through it so you can't really say a whole lot because you haven't had the experience. Last year he tried to lead more by example but this year being a captain and being a quarterback he's expected to bring a lot more leadership and he's been a great leader for not only our offense but our whole team. He's not afraid to step up and challenge somebody. That's something that I think the coaches really respect about him is that he's kind of like an exception to the coaches on the field."


"Bret's more of a quiet laid back type of guy. Especially with the media but also in everyday life with teammates and stuff like that. It's been a change for him I'm sure but he's done a great job leading this year and he's become more outspoken."


On this year's bowl game compared to last…


"We have absolutely the same approach. We don't want to end the season with a bitter taste in our mouth. That's what we have right now. We're going to do everything we can to get that taste out of our mouth and end the season on a winning note."


On playing in Texas


"Last time I was down there (Texas) I had a little success and some things went right for me but really I'm just hoping that our team can click and if it's somebody else's day, that's fine. It happened to be my day last time we were down there but I just want to send the seniors out on a good note and really get this bad taste out of our mouth and put a win in the books."


"We've had a lot of snow up here. It's been pretty cold so I'm excited to go down south where it's warm."



On TCU's Defense…


"They are a really fast defense. They have a lot of playmakers. They've gotten a ton of turnovers this year. We just need to make sure that we play really sound and fundamental football and not put the ball in danger. As long as we take care of the rock I think we'll be alright."


"They have a disadvantage playing in the Mountain West Conference compared to playing in a big time BCS conference. That doesn't make them any worse of a team. They beat Oklahoma this year. They've played a lot of really good football. To the public and to the nation they might not seem very good but to us, watching the tape that we have and breaking down the tape that we have, we all understand that they are a really good football team."


On being an underdog to a Mountain West team…


"I think there's always motivation when you're an underdog, regardless of what conference they're from. It's a spot that we've been in a lot and we like fighting from the bottom."

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