Bowl Preview: Last Game for Moser

The Houston Bowl marks the final game in Nik Moser's Iowa State career. Here, the senior talks about everything from TCU to his final game as a Cyclone.

On the seniors…

Knowing that this is the last game I'm ever going to play is tough but at the same time makes it fun because I know it's my last one and I can't take anything back .


"We know it's our last one. It's going to be a great time but at the same time at the end of the game it's going to be sad. It's the end of a chapter in your life that you've had a great experience with."


On TCU's defense…


"They're unreal. Their receivers are the best receivers that we'll face. The routes that they run, the speed that they have. They're going to be a tough offense for us to contain."


"They have a good back and their offense and their quarterback's tough. It's going to be a tough game for us."


"Their offense is similar to Missouri's. It's similar to A&M's. They spread you out and they can run it or throw it. They remind me a lot of A&M last year. Their receivers have a lot of speed like A&M did last year. Their quarterback is tough and they have a good running back too."


On Houston


"Flynn's been telling me all of the golf courses to try and hit. Where to get the best Mexican food and all of that stuff."


"We won't have much free time but we'll have enough to get to know Houston."


"For them it's a chance to go home and play in front of all of their people. Some people have never seen them play so I'm sure it's a very important game for them and it will be important for us."


On the bowl game…


"There's a lot of motivation. Playing a top 15 team. Playing your last game, the motivation is there."


"We don't want to go out and say that we lost our last two games. We want to end our career on a win."

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