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It's been a busy week here at Cyclone Nation as we've been digging up the insider information that you subscribers want. You ask for it and it is being delivered. Here is a quick update on all of the current news surrounding Iowa State football. Everything from Webster Patrick rumors to a new football commit is found here only at Cyclone Nation.

Webster Patrick Scoop


Here's what's going on right now with the Webster Patrick situation. I am reluctant to confirm this scoop for one main reason. As of now the scoop is a one source deal and I don't want to jump the gun on a story this big. What's happened is one of our solid subscribers, LeatherCy, took a shot at emailing one of Patrick's coaches. The coach replied saying that Webster will be playing at Iowa State next season. However the CN staff has done some checking into the situation and found that one of our birdies said "there aren't any scholarships for him." That might be true but I find it hard to believe that a player of Patrick's caliber wouldn't be fit into the big scheme of things. If the coaches want him and he wants to come here, Patrick will be on scholarship and playing for the Cyclones next season. I've recently obtained contact information with this coach and will be trying to get in touch with him all day to keep you guys posted.


Drenard Williams Commitment


As of now what I know is that Iowa State has received the commitment from a defensive back from the Houston area. The source would not give Cyclone Nation a name but did give us that information. Williams is the obvious guy if you rule everybody out so I am confident that Williams has committed. I tried getting a hold of Drenard all night and had no luck. I will try and confirm this and get back to you subscribers as soon as possible.


The Jason Scales Rumors


There are numerous rumors going around that Jason Scale's career at Iowa State is over. I have heard nothing from my sources that would confirm that. In fact, one of my sources said that Jason was feeling great down in Houston. If there is truth to these rumors, I don't know about it at this point. If anything comes up about this CN will keep you posted.


Austin Flynn at Tailback


Rumors have surfaced about Austin Flynn taking snaps at tailback during bowl practices. That is completely false. There is no truth to that rumor at all.


Bret Culbertson Gets a Scholarship


It was announced at a team dinner in Houston that Bret has earned a scholarship at Iowa State. Some people are reluctant to give him one but I for one am for it. Iowa State had no kicking game before Bret. We all know that he has yet to hit a clutch kick but maybe with the coach's confidence behind him he will turn over a new leaf this winter. Let's give the former walk-on a shot.


Stephenson to have Shoulder Surgery


Cyclone Center Scott Stephenson is undergoing shoulder surgery today. It's his second one in the past year. Scott said that he plans on being full strength for spring ball.

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