Frere Talks About His Future as a Cyclone

With all of the excitement going on with the tail end of the recruiting process, it's easy to forget about the solid players who committed to Iowa State early on in the year. Nate Frere is one of those guys. Nate is the brother of current Cyclone linebacker, Nick Frere, and he's looking forward to making an impact next season at Iowa State.

Nate Frere made the trip down to Houston to watch his brother and future team and came away with a pretty good taste in his mouth after watching the 2005 season.


"I thought the team looked good except for a few turnovers and stuff like that. They still played pretty good," said Frere.


When living in Iowa, it's obvious that in-state recruits hear everything there is to hear about the team that they've committed to. We all know that in the middle of the season, there was a lot of negative press about Iowa State. It didn't bother Frere, in fact, it motivated him even more.


"It definitely motivates me a lot more to go out there and do everything I can do to contribute to the success of the team and the future. I just want to improve every year," said Frere.


Frere is one of two little brothers that have committed to Iowa State this season. DeAndre Jackson's little brother, Devin McDowell has also committed to the Cyclones. Frere admitted that he's receiving all sorts of brotherly advice from Nick during this process.


"He keeps telling me that when I come up to be in shape. He tells me to be in good running shape. He tells me to do all that I can to get ready because it's really tough," said Frere.


Frere is a big 6'3, 275 defensive tackle and he's been keeping an eye on now former Cyclone Nick Leaders throughout the season. In fact, Nate is modeling his game after Leaders.


"Leaders is a guy that I've really watched and I've tried to be like. I really try to model myself after him. All I can do is step in and do as best as I can," said Frere.


The only other school that Nate was considering was Iowa. When it came down to it he just felt more comfortable with the Iowa State coaching staff.


"It came down to the coaches. Nothing against Iowa, they have a good coaching staff and everything but I thought that the Iowa State coaches had more fun with it. They're serious and business like but you can tell that they're having fun. At Iowa it didn't really seem like they were sometimes," said Frere.





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