Morgan Post Game Presser

Check out what Coach Morgan had to say after the Kansas State game here only at Cyclone Nation.

-Morgan said that the team did a lot of good things in this game. He said that the defense wasn't what it should be going down the stretch in games.


-Morgan gave Kansas State credit for not giving up. He was impressed by their ability to claw their way back into the game.


-Morgan talked about how every aspect of Will Blalock's game was on and he led the team well.


- "All of our offense comes from our defense," said Morgan. Coach Morgan said that if the press doesn't lead into points then the team's defense should.


-Morgan said that he was happy with the win. He said that he expected to win and that he always expects to win at home.


-Morgan went on to say that he didn't like the way his team finished the game.


-Morgan said that John Neal was "fantastic."


-"If we were down 10 and came back and won I would be really relieved," said Morgan.


-Morgan said that there is always some rust after not playing for a while. However, he said that his team has been practicing very hard. He went on to say that if his team was rusty then they should play better on Monday night.


-Morgan talked about how important it was for his team to start off the conference season with a win. He placed extra importance on the win because it was a home game. He talked about how precious home games are when playing in the Big 12.


-Coach Morgan said that the team switched to a man to man defense at the end of the game to keep Cartier Martin from getting any more open threes. Morgan went on to say that when the team works on defense in practice they work on man to man more often than the zone.


- Morgan said that John Neal's playing time will be situational. He said Neal will more likely see more playing time if teams are playing a zone but he will also see time against the man.

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