Will Blalock Quotes

Will Blalock had his career high on Saturday night against Kansas State and he's ready for Texas on Monday. Find out what Will had to say after Saturday night's game.



On the game


"I'm just really happy that we got this win."


"Our offensive efficiency wasn't really there. We turned it over and they got some easy lay-ups. They hit a lot of free throws and converted and almost got the lead."


"I'm really relieved. I just thank God that they turned it over at the end because if they didn't it would have gotten ugly. We could have lost that game."


On Stinson's late steal


"That's what we look forward to. Games like this with five seconds to go. It was a big-time steal for us and he iced the game with those free throws."


On forcing turnovers


"Our defense really ignites our offense. When we get a lot of turnovers we get a big lead like we did in the first half. With a couple minutes to go we got some steals and we converted. That's pretty much our game. When we get away from that and we don't press it kind of kills us and that's what happened. We took it to a half court game and right now with the efficiency of our offense it's not going to work."


On Texas


"We've got not choice but to be ready. They're coming in here Monday and we're going to be prepared for them."


"It's really going to be a good match up because our freshman can really step up and show the world that they can play. As long as they play then we can do our thing in the backcourt."


On kicking the ball after the game


"That was out of frustration. I was mad. A couple of minutes ago I was at the line and if I would have missed that and we would have lost the game I would have been mad. I did that out of frustration. I apologized for that after the game."

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