CN Courtside: Cyclone's Get Hooked

Iowa State fell to Texas by a score of 78-58 Monday night in Ames. Check out notes taken from courtside here only at Cyclone Nation.

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, it's that night that every Cyclone fan dreams about it. It's Big Monday. It's a chance for Iowa State to knock off a top 10 opponent on national television and more importantly take control of first place in the Big 12. Iowa State has more than a fighting chance in this game and the crowd is confident. The red out isn't as red as it could be but Hilton isn't lacking energy. Let's get it on!


  • It's right before tip off and it's moments like these where I remind myself that I have the absolute coolest job in the world.
  • Rahshon Clark didn't wait long to give this crowd something to cheer about as he just had an absolutely disgusting block in the first minute of the game. I'll say it one more time to burn it in your blame. The most exciting player in Iowa State history is only a sophomore.
  • Iowa State's big men need to get their hands up on defense. Kids learn that in elementary.
  • Ross Marsden has improved all year long. He's doing remarkable for being a true freshman but I want to see him box out. Maybe it's because I didn't play upper level basketball but I notice fundamentals. Marsden has it all but if he would box out and put his hands up on D, he'd be so much better.
  • With 15:12 to go in the first half the Clones are looking good. Right now it's 8-6 and the energy in Hilton is great. The fans and the players need to keep it up.
  • I'm a student at Iowa State so I like to give my classmates as much props as possible and one dude in Cyclone Alley deserves it. He held up a sign during a free throw that read "Tucker's Report Card," and had a bunch of D's and F's on it. Priceless. That's quality smack.
  • Will Blalock just made one of the most incredible plays I've ever seen. I can't decide if he should get an assist along with the bucket. He made it look like he was going to make a behind the back pass to Stinson and he actually passed it to himself. I don't even know how to describe it other than saying the word, "yummy." I don't know why I chose that word, but it seems to fit the mood here in Hilton.
  • With 11:11 to go in the half, it's 13-13. The adrenaline is leaving and it's more of a game now than at the start but the energy is still high. Did I mention that Will Blalock's behind the back pass to himself was absolutely ridiculous.
  • On a side note Farnald Degand is the best dressed Cyclone by far. He makes Michael Irvin look like Larry the Cable Guy.
  • With 8:57 to go in the half, it's all tied up at 17. From what I'm seeing right now, the biggest thing the Clones need to do is get a hand in P.J. Tucker's face. They aren't going to stop him, but they need to slow him down in a hurry.
  • Right now Brad Buckman is losing his cool. The dude is acting like somebody put ear wax on his mouthpiece. Wow, that was disgusting. Excuse that comment.
  • All jokes aside, I really wish that Iowa State had a player like Buckman on the squad. I love the intensity that he brings to the game. He's a lot like Jared Homan was last year for the Cyclones.
  • With 2:52 to go in the half the Clones are trailing by a score of 28-24. Stinson just got called on one of the most ridiculous charging calls I've ever seen. I'm not even going to comment because I know that there are women and children reading.
  • With 1:30 left in the half the Cyclones are suddenly down by a score of 34-26. Kenton Paulino of Texas has just absolutely gone crazy. He's got 15 points as of now and is carving up the Iowa State zone. It looks a lot like what Cartier Martin was doing at the end of the Kansas State game.


HALFTIME SCORE: Texas 34 Iowa State 29


  • P.J. Tucker went to the line with 17:46 to play in the game and Cyclone Alley chanted, "Get a Tutor." I love it.
  • Curtis Stinson just made an incredible hustle play. He stole the ball at half court and then made a lay-up. Iowa State MUST do things like that to win this game.
  • With 13:36 to go in the game, all of the sudden the Cyclones are trailing 48-36. The Clones have been forced to play an outside game and it's a game that's killing them.
  • Rahshon Clark just got an offensive rebound and scored on the put back with 12 minutes to go. It got the Cyclones within 9. If Iowa State can comeback and win this game, that was the key play to the comeback.
  • There are these two old guys behind the Texas bench that keep holding up the "Hook ‘em Horns sign. They hold it up all the time. The dudes need to realize that that sign is only cool when thousands of football fans our doing it. Two old guys that use Rogaine in the front row of Hilton won't cut it. I want our old guy at women's basketball games to go over and give them a piece of his mind.
  • Well, there's 8:31 to go in the game and it's getting out of hand. It's now a 15 point game and everybody on the team and crowd is losing their composure. The bald ref, I don't know his name just called an elbow on Jiri Hubalek and he's hearing about it. All we can hope is that it fires everybody up.
  • The crowd is now chanting "ref you suck." I'm not just talking students, but I'm talking everybody. I hope our fans can class it up here and lose like champs. Iowa State is getting outplayed, pure and simple.
  • Well the fat lady is warming up her voice right now. With 5:50 to go Texas has a 68-49 lead.


FINAL SCORE:  Texas 78 Iowa State 58


Notable Stats:

*Rahshon Clark had 18 points and 7 rebounds.

*Will Blalock had 17 points and 4 assists.

*Curtis Stinson had 7 points and 8 assists.

*Iowa State was out rebounded 40 to 28.

*Texas had 26 points in the paint compared to Iowa State's 16.


Well Big Monday didn't turn out the way most Cyclone fans dreamt about last night. Tonight instead of dreaming about Cyclone victories, I'll probably dream about Brad Buckman chopping down a tree in my backyard. That's not a pretty sight. This game got out of hand tonight but the season isn't over for the Cyclones. They need to learn from this loss. They need to learn that playing at Hilton isn't everything. Obviously not considering the Clones have suffered three home losses already this season. Something has to be done about the opposing team getting those wide open looks from the outside. Especially when you have one player that is unconscious from the field. It seemed like Texas just couldn't miss tonight. As a fan, I am more disappointed that Iowa State didn't look better on national television. That's two losses on the ESPN networks this year. They'll have a chance to redeem themselves against another Texas foe next Saturday at 11 when the Clones take on Bobby Knight and Texas Tech.


No matter what happened tonight, remember last season. We're in better shape right now then what we were last season. One loss to Texas will not kill the Cyclones. This team has heart. It was obvious when they were still playing hard down 20 with two minutes to go.


Keep your thoughts positive Cyclone fans. Right now the team is still in contention for a Big 12 championship. Remember, it's all about optimism.

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