Morgan Post Game Notes

Iowa State Coach Wayne Morgan talked to reporters after Monday nights loss to Texas. Find out what the coach had to say right here at Cyclone Nation.

  • Morgan said that his team was beaten by a very good team. He said that they made way to many defensive mistakes and that Texas was way too good of a team to do that against. He said that Texas was so good that they took advantage of every mistake that Iowa State made.



  • Morgan said that he was hopeful that his players would use this game as a learning experience, especially for his big men.


  • Morgan said that when setting up a game plan against Texas, it was a pick your poison type of thing. He chose to try and stop the Texas big men and hope that they miss the outside shots.


  • Morgan said that nothing positive could be taken from the loss except the fact that Iowa State can try hard to get better.


  • Morgan said that Texas denied Curtis Stinson the ball and doubled teamed him a lot early. Morgan said that Stinson looked like he got frustrated early.


  • Morgan said that Texas's Aldrich looked more like he was 7'1 and not 6'10 like he is listed.


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