Rick Barnes Post Game Notes

Find out what Texas Coach Rick Barnes had to say about his teams big win over Iowa State on Friday night right here at Cyclone Nation.

  • Barnes said that his team shot the ball very well. He felt that Iowa State was extremely conscious of his teams big men did a nice job with them.


  • Barnes said that he didn't expect this big of a win.


  • Barnes said that Iowa State made it very hard to get the ball inside.


  • Barnes was impressed with the overall play of Daniel Gibson and he talked about how hard of a worker Gibson is. He talked about how Gibson's defense has gotten a lot better since he came to Texas.


  • Barnes said that his guards set the tone early in the game.


  • Barnes said that Iowa State has very quick hands on defense and is a very active team.


  • Barnes said that Brad Buckman has been the difference in his team since they've gone on their five game winning streak.


  • Barnes said that the Iowa State inside players have improved greatly throughout the season from what he's seen on tape.


  • Barnes said the he expects Iowa State to keep improving and be a factor at the end of the season.


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