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How can Iowa State "reach the next level" as an athletic program? What must the new administration do to make that happen? What civic duties do citizens of Cyclone Nation need to perform on the homefront? How can we here at CN and the various other media we're involved in help the cause? Those are the questions we hope to answer with the next issue of our popular magazine.

Our next issue of CN Magazine is headlined by what we here at Cyclone Nation believe should be the top objective for new ISU athletic director Jamie Pollard.

Make Iowa State the dominant sports team of Des Moines. 

We believe the only way to ultimately reach Mr. Pollard's ambitious financial goals and achieve his facilities agenda successfully is to turn the state of Iowa's by far largest market into an Iowa State town.  We call this Sam Kinison economics: move where the food is. 

Between the various resources we have available here at Cyclone Nation (print, Internet, television, and radio) we plan on doing our part to aid ISU's quest to conquer the capitol city.  Starting with this next issue of our magazine.

But there's much, much more you'll find in the only publication of its kind in the entire universe devoted solely to coverage of the Cyclones.  And by subscribing now, you'll also be in line to receive our next issue.  That's our annual football recruiting blowout, our most popular issue of the year.  So click on the link below and take advantage of our great annual Total Access Pass Plus, where you can get the magazine and all of our premium info daily published at for a little more than a quarter per day for the next 12 months.

God bless and Go Cyclones!

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