Coach Says That Patrick Wants to be a Cyclone

Webster Patrick came to Iowa State two years ago and had academic problems that never allowed him to take a snap as a Cyclone. Fans all over Cyclone Nation have been curious as to what's going on with Patrick right now where he'll be next season. Today, Craig Rigsbee, Patrick's Head Coach and Athletic Director at BUTTE-Glenn Community College gave Cyclone Nation an update on what's going on from Webster's prospective.

Cyclone fans have been wondering the status of Webster Patrick for some time now and today, Craig Rigsbee, Patrick's head coach gave Cyclone Nation an update on Webster Patrick.


"They (Iowa State) signed him out of high school and he didn't make the grades. He came to our place and had two great years. Right now he's committed verbally to go back there. They just want to make sure that his grades are right," said Rigsbee.


Rigsbee said that Patrick's grades are doing fine right now, but he still has one more semester left before he would possibly go to Iowa State.


"He's doing fine academically. They just don't want to announce a deal and then have to say that he didn't make it academically. They want to do some more research and do their diligence on him and recruiting him to make sure that everything is lined up before they give any announcement," said Rigsbee.


Rigsbee said that the school needs to confirm that Patrick will be academically eligible before any sort of announcement would be made.


"The guy that's recruiting him has to make sure that everything's set before they announce anything. They have to make sure that his grades are good and that he's able to go back, but he wants to go back," said Rigsbee.


According to Rigsbee, Patrick wants to be a Cyclone next season and is taking part of his end in the classroom.


"If it's up to him, he will be back at Iowa State. He really wants to and Coach Nelson has done a great job recruiting him and watching him over the last two years that he's been here. He really wants him back and it's just a matter of Webster doing his thing. He'll be here through the spring so hopefully he can get it done and be a Cyclone next year," said Rigsbee.


Cyclone Nation will continue to follow the recruitment of Webster Patrick from now up until signing day.

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