Williams: Taking Down the Huskers

Being a 21 year old, immature college student from the heart of Southwest Iowa, I can tell you this as a pure fan. There is absolutely no feeling like sticking to Nebraska in any sport. I love it. Tuesday night felt like Christmas morning when I was five. After the game on Tuesday night, every bad taste in my mouth from Texas Tech was gone. In fact, I now have a great taste in my mouth about the rest of the season.


It's no secret around here that I'm a big John Neal man. Again I was impressed with Neal's performance at Nebraska and I think he'll be a key going into the bulk of the Big 12 season. With Neal getting an additional 10 points a game and Tasheed Carr stepping it up, an already scary back court looks even more deadly. Now I'm not saying that John Neal is an NBA prospect, but I am saying that he's a great role player and will continue to do that this season.


Shawn Taggart is slowly but surely getting better. The thing that impressed me about Taggart's performance on Tuesday night was the fact that he had four fouls. That's right, his four fouls impressed me. It means that Taggart is finally getting aggressive. He needs a mean streak to him and I hope that it'll develop over the season. From what I've observed this season on and off the court, it looks like Taggart is slowly but surely getting that mean streak that I'm talking about.


The best thing about Tuesday night's game was that it shut critics like me up. Curtis Stinson and Wayne Morgan both had a lot to prove to all of Cyclone Nation and on Tuesday night they got people thinking positively about Cyclone basketball again.


Iowa State had a big lead with 10 minutes to go and I turned to my friend and said "here we go again." They proved me wrong. They shut me up. I love it when teams do that.


So where do we go from here? A solid Texas A&M team comes to town on Saturday in a game that Iowa State should win. There'd be no excuse for losing that game. If Iowa State can win that game they'll be 3-2 in the conference. Last year they were 0-5 at that point. That's something to be happy about.


The team then travels to Missouri on the 25th in another very winnable game. That would put Iowa State at 4-2 in the conference matching up with a Kansas team that's lost two straight and is 1-2 in conference play. Kansas has to play Nebraska at home and travel to A&M before going to Ames on the 28th. Let's say KU wins those to games which are a good possibility. That puts ISU at 4-2 and KU at 3-2 playing in Ames on the 28th for possibly second place in the Big 12.


Putting basketball aside for a moment, there are more important things going on right now and that's Curtis's Stinson's mother. What a gutty performance by Curtis on Tuesday. No matter what people say, Curtis Stinson does care about his teammates and he deserves mad props for his performance on Tuesday. I don't care how many points he scored, Curtis Stinson proved that he was a winner on Tuesday.


To close I want to offer my thoughts and prayers to Curtis and his family, and I hope that he takes his time coming back.


No matter if he's there or not on Saturday, the Cyclones again will be playing in a huge game, not just for their season but for a teammate's mother.

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