Wayne Morgan Post Game Presser Notes

Wayne Morgan spoke to reporters after Iowa State's 86-81 loss to Texas A&M on Saturday. Find out what the coach had to say right here at Cyclone Nation.

-          Morgan said that his team played hard enough to win but not effective enough on defense.

-           Morgan said that his team had many chances to win the game but he gave Texas A&M credit for making the plays that they needed to make in order to win the game.

-          Morgan said at the end of the game his team was trying to foul but couldn't get it done.

-          Morgan said that the loss was a very tough loss.

-          Morgan wanted to wait until he looked at the tape on Sunday to evaluate the mistakes that were made by his team.

-          Morgan commented on the effort of Curtis Stinson and said that he was proud of the way his guard played.

-          Morgan said that towards the end of the game, A&M tried to isolate Will Blalock. Morgan said that it didn't stop Iowa State from running their offense, but it was effective.

-          Morgan simply pointed out the shooting percentages (A&M 58.2%, ISU 46.8%). He then went on to say, "game, set, match."

-          When asked about the play of Jiri Hubalek and Ross Marsden, Morgan said that both players did a nice job but he was to disappointed in the loss to realize what they had done at this time.

-          Morgan said that A&M center Joseph Jones was the most physical, strongest center in the Big 12.


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