Stinson and Hubalek Talk About the Loss

Find out what Curtis Stinson and Jiri Hubalek had to say about Iowa State's loss to Texas A&M on Saturday.

Curtis Stinson on the game…


 "It was a great game. Those guys came in and they wanted this win. We gave up some easy shots at the end. They were big plays and they made them."


On A&M's big shots…


"The put four guys on the perimeter and normally they had been putting three. He (White) just got open and he made the shot."


"He hadn't been in the game but we knew he was a shooter. We knew he was in the game for one thing. He got open and he knocked it down."


On losing at home…


"It's really tough. You need to win all of your home games. You need to win some games on the road and teams are doing it this year. Some teams are slipping at home and some teams are winning their home games. We need to get some away."


On trying to foul at the end…


"Well we tried to foul and we were yelling that but the crowd was yelling too. It was hard for some of the guys to hear they said. I had to foul. It happens."


On the rest of the season…


"It's a long season. The guys will be alright. We're all going to be alright. We might have lost this one but we've got a game on Wednesday and one on Saturday. We just have to keep winning. We did it last year. We've got to let the freshman guys know that they can't put their heads down and bow down. We'll be alright."




Jiri Hubalek on the loss…


"It's frustrating but we can bounce back. We can't keep our heads down. We have to get ready for another game."


"The Big 12 is wide open. We can definitely end up in a high spot, we just need to execute in the end. In games like this, we have to come out with a victory."


"They've been through a lot. They did a great job last season bouncing back. We need to focus on the next game."


"They hit some tough shots when they needed to. That's what basketball at this level is all about."


"In home games it's necessary to come out with a victory. Anything can happen."

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