Quotes from Habben Presser

Come check out exactly why Cody Habben chose Washington over Iowa State. Here are quotes from his official press conference that he held yesterday in Washington.

On Washington


"I'm going to stay home for the next four or five years."


"I called coach (Tyrone) Willingham right before the press conference and

told him and he was very excited."


On his family in Iowa


"My family out there is three or four hours away and I'd want to see them all the time, but I would only be able to see them

every once in a while."


On academics


"It came down to academics at Washington. They were impressive and it will

open a lot of doors for me down the road."


"The coaching staff is motivated to bring it back the way it used to be - be

the program that everyone remembers.  And I think they can do it too."


On his parents


"They asked me if this is what I wanted to do, which got me thinking more about it again.  This is what I want to do."


"When we sat down, it was a huge thing.  It's either going to really pay off for me, or it's going to stay the same.  They know how to win.  The program has always won, up to these past few years, and I think they can bring it back to what it used to



"Just being at home is nice and if I went away it would help me grow up a lot more, but I think I can still grow up in Seattle and become a man.  And the academics of it can help open a lot of doors for me.  I won't be playing football forever."



Chris Fetters from scout.com contributed to this article.

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