The Future Part 3: Austen Arnaud

When talking about Austen Arnaud, immediately Bret Meyer is brought into the conversation. The comparison is inevitable. Both are Iowa-bred quarterbacks that can beat you with their arms and legs. They actually are remarkably similar. Watching Arnaud's development the past three years has been something to see. Check out CN's third and final part to this series on Austen Arnaud.

The rumors of his division 1 ability started when he was only a freshman at Ames. A three year starter at quarterback and on the basketball floor, Arnaud has improved immensely despite all of the hype he created.


Athleticism has never been the question with Austen Arnaud. Having watched his games for three years, immediately you are drawn to his physical ability. He can shed tackles due to his large tree-trunk-like legs and his arm is just as strong as anyone currently on the ISU roster. One play this season he was rolling left and fired a strike 50 yards across the field, a la Seneca. Dare I say, I think his ball has a bit more zip than Mr. Wallace's. He may not have the sheer speed of the Seneca's or Vince Young's of the world, but his game quickness always seems to be superior to everyone I saw him play this season, with the possible exception of Zac Sandvig. I've seen him run over linebackers and run past d-backs.


However, going into his senior season many questioned his accuracy. He greatly improved on that this year, completing over 65 percent of his passes and dramatically reducing his interception numbers. Every area of his game was rock-solid this season. He took a 5-4 Ames team from a year ago on his back to an 8-1 regular season record this season (only loss to eventual state champ Valley.)


Leadership is definitely not a question for Arnaud, which is very evident while he is on the hardwood. He played third fiddle the past two years for Ames as D-I ballers Alex Thompson and Ross Marsden each took the spotlight, allowing him to soak up and learn how to lead. But this year has been a different story as Arnaud leads his basketball team in both scoring and rebounding. However, his calming influence is what strikes you the most. When he is off the floor, his teammates often struggle to take care of the ball and the offense stagnates. When he returns it's as if the entire team takes a sigh of relief and the rhythm returns. They feed off his guidance. He also is under control at all times, and simply glides when running. Very few players have those qualities, even if it is on the basketball floor.


 I have no doubt he will be a great player at Iowa State, he has too much talent and savvy not to. If he happens to just be another Bret Meyer, ISU's offense will be in good hands for some time to come.           

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